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Gushers & Dusters: A weekly look at what we liked -- and didn't

April 20, 2017 at 10:37 p.m.

GUSHER: For the Kilgore Bulldogs state champion soccer team. Their accomplishment, which was achieved on the team's third straight visit to the state final four, is a reminder that persistence pays off. That past team members also were at the game is an indicator that Kilgore High School is building a soccer dynasty. Their championship — and their program — should be a point of pride for all of East Texas.

DUSTER: For the cretins who are members of Vanguard Texas — or any such hate group. Some who identified themselves as members of the self-proclaimed white supremacist group claimed pride in posting hateful flyers on college campuses in Tyler — but were not proud enough of their moronic slogans to make public their names or faces. That's typical of the cowardice seen from such racist scum.

GUSHER: For an idea from Comptroller Glenn Hegar that could make the state's so-called rainy day fund usable and make it even larger. His plan, which would invest part of the fund to increase its growth and make extra funds available for needed projects in our state, deserves a good look by lawmakers.

DUSTER: For the creeping legal mess oozing out of the city of East Mountain. As the fallout from a poorly run and opaque city government continues to broaden, it now has pulled Gregg County into the fray with a lawsuit connected to East Mountain's former police chief and a sheriff's officer. This is a clear reminder of the costs of government, especially city governments, operating in secret. It should never happen — and raises serious concerns wherever it does.

GUSHER: For economic news that continues to point to recovery in our region. In the past week, we've learned Longview-area home sales were up in March from a year ago, the number of rigs drilling for oil and natural gas continues to increase and have received word of companies expanding and investing in Longview and the area. We especially enjoyed reading the latest Texas Petro Index, which said in part that "2017 is going to be a year of recovery and expansion" in the Texas energy industry.

DUSTER: For the lack of both agency management and legislative oversight that led to officials of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission behaving improperly, misusing taxpayer funds and getting far too cozy with members of the industry they were supposed to be regulating. Texans deserve better, and we are disappointed lawmakers let the commission spiral so far out of control. They need to get their eyes back on the ball.

GUSHER: For Jason Richards, who has been general manager and artistic director at ArtsView Children's Theatre for the past three years. The Longview native has helped keep the theater growing, and that has given many of our city's young people a great creative outlet and an opportunity to learn. Richards, who is moving to Colorado, will be missed, but we are looking forward to ArtsView's next chapter.

— Readers are invited to nominate events as gushers or dusters. They may be emailed to or mailed to Letters, P.O. Box 1792, Longview, TX 75606.



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