Sunday, December 17, 2017

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Letters on progress in Hallsville, a welcome statement, forgiveness

Dec. 2, 2017 at 10:23 p.m.

A city on the grow

As former mayor, I would like to talk to the people who live in and go to school in Hallsville.

This city is on the grow, and as citizens, we need to be ready for things to change. We have a great advantage because we have a good group of alderman and a new mayor, Jesse Casey, who want to take our city into the 21st century. Many good things have happened in the past two years under our past mayor, Steve Eitleman.

We have new weather sirens to warn us when bad weather is approaching, and there is an ongoing upgrade to our water system due to an outstanding water department. Our police department has been re-staffed, and we have a new police chief. We have new companies moving into our city to give us a wide variety of things we need in our everyday lives. We are self-contained with a hardware store, grocery store, pharmacy, real estate broker and title company. Hallsville now has the East Texas Professional Credit Union, as well as two banks, other stores and restaurants.

Our schools are considered the best in East Texas. We have great teachers and one of the best group of officers at the school. Most of these officers grew up here in Hallsville. They know these kids because they knew their parents. We also have a great fire department staffed 24 hours a day.

Get behind our new mayor, Jesse Casey, and our city officials and help them. They are the ones you elected. Let them move our city in a positive way.

Charles W. Dawson, Hallsville

A fine letter

I want to thank Bob Worn for his fine letter "Giving Thanks" on Nov. 26. Mr. Worn probably said more about the ills of modern liberalism in the last 15 words of his letter — and I quote, "Thank God I didn't have a federal program to lock me into where I was" — than I have said in all my years of writing letters condemning this intolerable ideology.

Lonnie Holmes, Longview

Forgiveness is alive

In reference to Art Strange's ambiguous letter, "Don't preach to me," (Nov. 21), I wonder whether his obvious antipathy toward me and others like me is that we are Republicans politically or that we are Christians by faith. He belittles our morals and values by stating we are just talking down to others then he attempts to support his opinion by "submitting as proof the universal absence of forgiveness."

The absurdity of that is that what he is using as "proof" is a lie. Though it is not our first impulse nor natural to us, forgiveness is alive in our world. I am a forgiven woman: forgiven by the God who created and loves me, I have often been forgiven by my husband of 58 years, as I have at times forgiven him. I have even known women who have forgiven husbands of their infidelity and re-established the marriage.

Mary K. Barham, Longview



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