Friday, December 15, 2017

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Answer Line: Yep, there's a plan for warehouse truck traffic

Dec. 6, 2017 at 10:48 p.m.

QUESTION: The huge Target warehouse at Lindale on Interstate 20 has hundreds of 18-wheelers going and coming each day, but it's located right off Interstate 20. The newly announced warehouse for Longview will be a great addition for jobs for our area. However, has anyone given thought to the tremendous increase in 18-wheeler traffic inside the city limits of Longview?

ANSWER: City and economic development officials are aware of the truck traffic the Dollar General distribution center would see, with Wayne Mansfield, president of the Longview Economic Development Corp., saying the project would create about 275 truck trips per day.

The city previously has established routes where trucks generally must stay until they need to turn off to their destinations.

"The facility would be located within the North Longview Business Park," said city spokesman Shawn Hara. The business park has entrances off Judson Road, George Richey Road and FM 1844. "Utilizing the newly expanded George Richey Road, the trucks would have easy access to U.S. 259 and other existing truck routes. Also, city staff will be recommending in the near future … that George Richey be added to the truck route."

As you might remember, George Richey Road has been extended so it connects Eastman Road/U.S. 259 to Gilmer Road.

"There should be little to no impact as the trucks will be utilizing George Richey, 259 and (U.S.) 281," Mansfield said. "We are currently undertaking a traffic study to determine the need for a signal at Lou Galosy (Way) and George Richey."

The city's truck routes:

For traffic entering from the east or west — U.S. 80, Texas 31, FM 2208 or Alpine Road, FM 2206 or Harrison Road, Loop 281 or Interstate 20.

For traffic entering from the north or south — U.S. 259, Texas 149, Texas 300, FM 2205 or Jaycee Drive, Spur 502 or Judson Road, Texas 322, FM 1845 and Loop 281.

Other streets designated for truck use are: Estes Parkway from the south city limits to High Street; High Street to Judson Road; Judson Road to the north city limits on Judson Road; Mobberly Avenue from Estes Parkway to East Methvin Street; East Methvin Street from Mobberly Avenue to Sixth Street; Sixth Street from East Methvin Street to East Marshall Avenue; West South Street from the west city limits to South High Street; East Cotton Street from Mobberly Avenue to Eastman Road; Fisher Road from U.S. 80 (West Marshall) to FM 2206 (Harrison Road); Enterprise Street from U.S. 80 to FM 1845 (Harrison Road); Hawkins Parkway from Gilmer Road to U. S. 259 (Eastman Road); Sabine Street from the city limits to South Center Street; South Center Street from Sabine Street to East Nelson Street; East Nelson Street from Center Street to High Street; West Cotton Street from Spur 63 to Center Street; and East Cotton Street from Center Street to Mobberly Avenue.

Q: I'm visiting a gravesite in a cemetery. I'm noticing when a husband and wife are buried together, if you're standing at the foot of the grave looking at the headstone, the husband is always on the left and the wife is on the right. Why is that?

A: I called in an expert on this — the folks at Rosewood Park Cemetery and Rader Funeral Home. Johnny Greathouse, manager of Rosewood Park, said this tradition relates back to the couple's wedding day.

"When walking down the aisle, the man is traditionally standing to the right of the woman — with his heart close to her," he said. "When laid to rest, his wife would still be to his left — which would result in him being buried on the left and his wife on the right. The tradition is followed by many people so at the Rapture, when they rise out of the ground, they will be in the same position as they were when they are married."

He said a majority of couples at Rosewood Park follow that tradition when they are buried.

"However, there are several exceptions for various reasons," he said. "Some people want a specific spouse to be buried next to a child or parent that is already interred; others want to be laid to rest just like they currently sleep in bed; and some just have personal reasons that they may or may not share."

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