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Letters on college education, hard work

Dec. 12, 2017 at 12:06 a.m.

A necessary benefit

According to multiple colleges and universities (Kilgore, Tyler, Stephen F. Austin, etc.) a college education/degree proves to be beneficial for those seeking a better job with a higher salary. From their degree they gain access to more opportunities and have careers they want to achieve and have as their permanent job.

A majority of students who graduate from high school do not see the benefits right away and think working on a basic minimum wage job will suffice. While that technically can be true, earning a degree will give you a better chance to find a job you are passionate about and have good pay. It does not have to be just high school graduates, but anyone and everyone is able to apply for a college education, no matter the age. At a fee of course, but in the long run it is worth it.

People seek more opportunities in life, and the best way to achieve opportunities is with a college degree. The idea of applying for college should be encouraged for and by everyone, because people deserve a shot at achieving more, striving to be on top in the land of opportunity.

Adrian Mendez, Kilgore

Work, talent, happiness

Do you think hard work beats talent? Hard work is important in so many areas of life. It is not only important in your own life but others around you as well. Someone working hard encourages those around them because they see what you could really have.

Talent is also important, but isn't it necessary to work hard to be talented? In our lives, it takes the best of our ability to get what we strive for. For example, a nice house, a nice car or even a big family. If you take a second and look around, there are so many hardworking people in this world who deserve everything they have. If it wasn't for hard work, this world wouldn't be where it was today.

So many of us focus on trying to be happy, so most of us would say that talent is more important, right? But if you work hard to get a goal accomplished you're dreaming of, happiness will come at the end.

Hannah Jordan, Henderson



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