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Letters on losing interest in sports, sexual misconduct

Dec. 12, 2017 at 11:50 p.m.

Losing interest

Frank Thomas Pool's article about his fallen interest in football (Take Two, Dec. 5) was very interesting. I also have reached a point that I do not watch football games anymore. Some other sports are also fading very rapidly. It seems to me that sports and its social objectives are dragging this country into oblivion. Will history repeat itself?

In the book "The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire," there are five major reasons expressed as the cause of that decline and ultimate end, two of which are "political corruption" and the "love and gloating of sports." Most people are aware of our current political situation and are doing nothing, but what about our attitude regarding sports?

I am not totally against sports in general. I played several sports over the years and really enjoyed them. But look at today's crazy and unbelievable salaries and the attitudes expressed by some of the players and some of their very questionable appearances.

I lived in Dallas for many years and attended almost every home game of the Dallas Cowboys, but no more. I also attended games of the Texas Rangers, but no more. It seems like my interest in sports has fallen well below yours, Mr. Pool, and I don't see anything in the future to change that direction.

Billy Grammer, Hallsville

Old-fashioned opinion

I keep reading the pros and cons in the news about men, especially of importance, accused of sexual misconduct or sexual harassment. I agree that there are some men who are that way and use every opportunity to make a pass. I have worked with as many as 40 men at a time in the 40 years I did engineering and executive work. Not once did one of them ever get fresh or out of the way with me. I always dressed appropriately and conducted myself as a friend personally and professionally.

I can understand why some men try to make passes at women nowadays. Some women try to look sexy by the way they dress, by showing their breasts and wearing their dresses up to their crotch. Some of the women on the talk shows wear dresses so short you can see their crotch when they sit down. Also, some of them try to show as much breast as possible. These women give a lot of men ideas that make them sexual predators. This is an old-fashioned opinion of mine.

L.M. Sullivan, Henderson



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