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Dec. 15, 2017 at 12:05 a.m.

Conversations about the news get lively at, where commenters are encouraged to weigh in on stories via Facebook. Here's a sampling of some recent comments:

Louie and Roy

Regarding "Gohmert stumps for Moore in Alabama Senate race," Wednesday:

"Wonder if the citizens paid for Gohmert's campaign expenses for good 'ol Roy, an accused pedophile?"

"The key word is accused. You guys keep on voting for these baby killers."

"Three losers that America doesn't need anymore — Trump, Moore, and Gohmert!"

"Perhaps Gohmert should revisit how well he knows Moore if he believes he is a good judge or not a racist. Moore's statements throughout his life wouldn't tend to support that belief. And, just as an aside, when you're being affected in Texas because of the nationwide GOP changing the rules to benefit their agenda then you have an interest in all Senate races (and House too for that matter)."

"Better watch out. You're next!"

"Guber Gomer showing his true colors. Liars, cheats, pedophiles and another low life judge not following the laws. (We have them here at home too). If only people would open their eyes to truth and facts instead of opening their wallets and giving their votes to the crooks. What a sorry mess this country is in."

"Just because a woman waited 40 years does not mean that she's lying. Women were treated differently then. They were seldom believed. It does not surprise me that she waited so long."

" 'Moore was twice removed from the Alabama Supreme Court for refusing to obey the law.' There are many reasons that Roy Moore is a poor candidate for any leadership position."

"He stood up against gay marriage. God in Heaven is against gay marriage. He stood up for God over the Supreme Court. He did the right thing."

"Are you speaking for God, John? Since you obviously have God's ear, who else does God hate? Or is this just your opinion?"

"No surprise here. Gohmert was a judge, yet he supports a flagrant lawbreaker like Roy Moore. There is no place too low anymore in supporting the nominee for your party. The Trump standards are in the sewer pipe. The real scary part of the problem with the Republican Taliban is when Trump bans the next election and hands the presidency to Donald Jr. That's when everyone is going to understand what a colossal mistake they made supporting a con man for president."

"As if the voters in his district needed another reason to remove Gohmert from office."

"The abortionists spew their hate just like the demonic media."

"You know, Trump's win was a terrific gift for the Democratic party. Thank you, Republicans. And I wish old Roy had won. Another terrific gift for the Democratic party. And I figure if Arpaio had won the Senate race in Arizona he wants to run for, that would be the third great gift. Yes, sir! And with Bannon, it would be the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The little boy bully misogynist narcissist president, the little girl molester hiding behind religion, the lawman who broke the law to enforce his own version of the law, and the alternate right white supremacist. I can see them riding out across the country, destroying the Republican party. It would have been such a sight to see!"

Medal of Honor

Regarding "Family of Gladewater war hero Watkins receives Texas Legislative Medal of Honor," Tuesday:

"To the family of Master Sgt. Travis Watkins, I pray that he is smiling down today with the knowledge of how truly thankful we are for his service."

"Thank you for your service!"

A real 'victim'?

Regarding "Letter: Old-fashioned opinion," Tuesday:

"LM, you are blaming the victim. That's the excuse sexual predators have used for years."

"I know, he sounds just like Hillary, right?"

"Jeff Hahne, it sounds like LM is a woman and not a man. Sandi, once again, no solution offered. There is no justifiable reason for sexual assault. However, our society is in love with showing off 'the goods' to anyone who cares to look. This shows a lack of self respect. I think this cultivates sexual predation. Most people are aware there are sexual predators almost everywhere we go. Knowing this, why would anyone display what these predators want the most? I think modesty and self respect need to make a comeback, and in a big way. Look at how some people dance these days. Some of the moves resemble them trying to have sex. Even some little girls are being taught these degrading dance moves. Sex is pushed through the TV, the internet, movies and music. We are constantly being bombarded with it. Unless modesty and self respect makes a huge comeback, this will only get worse. Now. I fully expect for someone to tell me this: 'I should be able to walk around, in public, buck naked, and not get any unwanted attention!' My reply would be: That hasn't been possible since before Eve took a bite out of that apple."

"You must be talking about the women of FOX (news)."

"Sexual assault is not about sexual attraction. It is about the abuse of power. The fact that in this day and age some people STILL don't understand that is just baffling. Also, the fact that you were never sexually assaulted had nothing to do with your dress or demeanor, though I'm sure it somehow makes you feel better to think so. It means you were one of the lucky two out of three who happened to never be around a predator."

"Ms. Sullivan, the reasons you give are the same reasons they give in Middle Eastern countries and why women there are required to be covered from head to toe. If women are harassed or assaulted, it's their fault because men are weak, can be tempted by the flesh, and can't control themselves. It is a BS excuse that you seem to buy into."

Trails of tears

Regarding "Latham: When life's path becomes a 'Trail of Tears'," Wednesday:

"Who faces the next trail of tears? The dreamers, the Muslims, women, poor, children who rely on CHIP for health care, the chronically ill, African Americans ... "

"Powerful, Phil. Thank you."

Stabbing sentence

Regarding "Kilgore woman sentenced to 35 years in mother's stabbing death," Monday:

"When do we bring back hangings for stealing horses and cars and murder? Something eloquent about a thief and criminal getting a short drop and sudden stop. Thanks to Longview PD for helping keep criminals off the street."

"Why not life? She took another."

"SMH ... She shows no remorse."

"Is that all!"



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