Friday, January 19, 2018

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Letters on Lobo band in Lufkin, USDA organic standards, sexual abuse allegations

Dec. 18, 2017 at 10:30 p.m.

Never happened

To the woman (Barbara Robinson) from Lufkin who said the Longview Lobo band was playing songs and being disrespectful while the Lufkin band was on the field: That is NOT true (letters, Thursday).

I observed the Longview band at parade rest the entire time Lufkin was on the field. I have two grandchildren in the Longview band, and I asked them also. They said if that happened, then they would have been dismissed from the band.

So, not sure what this woman was seeing, but it certainly was not what she stated in the paper.

Greg Ekis, Longview

Backward on 'organic'

The Trump administration ruled on Friday that animals raised for food under the "USDA Organic" label need not be treated any less cruelly than those in conventional farming. The decision reverses years of U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, which held that the "organic" label should impose minimal ethical, health and environmental standards. For the animals, this included adequate space, light and access to the outdoors.

Under the Trump administration, this will no longer be the case. Organic farm operations will be allowed to cram laying hens five to a small wire cage that tears out their feathers and to grind or suffocate millions of male chicks at birth because they don't lay eggs. Mother pigs will spend their miserable lives in tight metal crates, as their babies are torn from them and mutilated with no anesthesia. And dairy cows will continue to cry for their babies torn from them at birth, so we can drink their milk.

Caring consumers opting for "organic" animal products, to reduce their role in subsidizing these abuses, will now have no choice but to switch to plant-based foods, including the widely available nut- and grain-based meats, milks, cheeses, and ice creams.

Leon Nagasaki, Longview

The good, bad and ugly

It seems here is enough groping and sexual abuse going around in both parties. It's strange this is labeled with a party preference. This is a problem our society obviously has overlooked and sometimes accepted. Regardless of who is involved, that should not happen.

I guess because it was overlooked at the highest level of our new administration, it was somewhat accepted. Sixteen women have come forward on President Donald Trump. Are Roy Moore and Al Franken any more guilty than Trump? All three have been accused of the same thing. Do we have a double standard? I have heard all my life no one is above the law!

There is good news. We have one member of the administration who has the answer. Our native son and ex-governor, good ol' boy Rick Perry. As secretary of energy, he stated fossil fuel use is a good sexual assault prevention. Because of fossil fuels, he says, "lights are on." I will let you have your own thoughts about that one. I'm so proud we could send a man of such dedication with such answers to those really tough questions.

One more puzzling thought: We know Franken is guilty because he admitted the fact. Moore's accusers are believed to be telling the truth, but the 16 accusers of Trump are all lying? Man, that is strange.

Ken Schuler, Gladewater



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