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Taylor: The Stealth 700 a first for the Xbox One

Dustin Taylor

By Dustin Taylor
Dec. 20, 2017 at 4:30 p.m.

Turtle Beach's Xbox One model of the new Stealth 700 headset  syncs to the Xbox without the aid of a dongle. Simply sync it like one would a controller.

Turtle Beach's new Stealth 700 headset comes in two flavors. There is a PS4 model and an Xbox One model.

The X1 version is the more interesting as it does not require a dongle to connect to the system. Instead, the user presses a button to sync it up just as one would a controller.

This is the first wireless headset with this feature for the Xbox One. It might not sound like a big deal, but it gives gamers more USB space. Considering the X1 only has three USB slots, which can be used for all manner of things, being able to use a headset without one is nice. Another benefit is that this means there is no dongle to lose or break, resulting in replacement.

The downside to this feature is that the audio might stutter or not work correctly, but the fix is simple: Pause any downloads or connect the Xbox to the router with a cable. However, not everyone has their system close to the router, so for some this could be a deal-breaker.

The build of the headset is solid; however, it is plastic and feels like it could break easily. Every time I take it off my head, I flinch for a second as I feel like it is about to snap in half. But it doesn't. I wouldn't recommend dropping it on the floor repeatedly, but it is stronger than it appears.

With 50 mm speakers, the sound from low to high is clear and enjoyable.

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From watching a movie to playing "Rainbow 6 Siege," I found the quality to be superb for the price.

The mic flips up to mute, which is nicer than having to find a button somewhere on the headset. The game and chat audio are separate wheels, so you can change them independently of each other.

For those who want to hear if they're coming across OK, the headset offers mic monitoring. But if active noise-cancellation is turned on, this feature goes away.

Personally, I could not really tell a difference with noise-cancellation on. And to even use this feature, a player must download the Turtle Beach app and pair the phone.

The application actually lets users alter a variety of settings, which is quite handy.

For those who wear glasses while playing, these headphones are extremely comfortable even after hours of play. After 50-plus hours of use, not once did my glasses start to cause problems.

I found the headphones lasted about six hours before a charge was needed. This is less than the 10 hours stated by Turtle Beach, but still a solid amount of time, I feel.

A feature that I absolutely love is the Bluetooth pairing ability. This headset can easily pair to tablets, phones, etc. For those who enjoy listening to music or podcasts while gaming, this is an amazing feature.

While I am not a fan of nonmetal materials for headsets, found the noise-cancellation feature to be useless and don't like the issue with my Xbox One being wireless, I still found my overall experience with the Stealth 700 to be enjoyable and well worth the price.



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