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Dec. 21, 2017 at 11:24 p.m.

Conversations about the news get lively at, where commenters are encouraged to weigh in on stories via Facebook. Here's a sampling of some recent comments:

Desegregation history

Regarding "Longview ISD 47-year desegregation order nears end," Wednesday:

"My concern is that Longview is still segregated by the north south sides with the only real change since the '70s being the addition of the Hispanic population. The majority of churches still are not even integrated. If the 'Christian' churches cannot voluntarily integrate in Longview, will LISD be trusted to continue to be integrated without the oversight of the Justice Department?"

"Going to church is voluntary. Why would anyone force people to go to a certain church just to make the numbers look right? Just curious. People go to church because they want to not because the government tells them to. It's against the law not to provide the same education to everyone. It is of course their choice to learn and further their knowledge, but as vital as knowledge of God is people have a choice where they seek that knowledge and luckily God is color blind."

"Well, we had one black superintendent and the good old boys ran him out and we still only have a part time superintendent. That needs to be addressed before it's lifted. Longview is divided by north side and south side. There still things here that need to be addressed."

"TrU & FaCts"

Business approvals

Regarding "Commission OKs restaurant, credit union despite traffic concerns," Wednesday:

"So the commission approved building a credit union on Airline knowing that it would cause a problem. And then tells the city to fix it. Why not wait to approve the credit union until when/if the city fixes the problem. Surely there is somewhere else in our city that would be a suitable location. I would have thought this is the exact reason to have a commission in the first place to make sure we don't cause problems."

"Oh boy! (sarcastic) I was hoping Longview would get another burger/fried catfish place. It's lakefood not seafood. We also need another Mexican restaurant, another Cajun place, and some sushi. Jeez."

"It seems real easy to pick a spot for business north of Longview, and yet don't know the reason Braum's revoke the decision to build on Marshall Avenue."

"So, the city goes out of their way to allow another chain restaurant in town, what about all of the local places that have had to close due to them? Does anyone remember Fritz's, Bootleggers and the other local places that were so unique to the area? Sadness. Sadness indeed!"

Football coach pay

Regarding "Carthage head coach got $21,000 raise amid cuts; district says he earned it," Wednesday:

"Coach earned his salary increase. Academic should always come before athletic. Do you realize that coach works just as hard as the class room teachers. He is just as committed to his athletes academically."

"And it needs to be placed into consideration the long nights and early mornings. I have known coaches to stay all night at the field houses in preparation of the season. Keep up the good work!"

"LNJ, you should be ashamed putting this in your paper. Trying to make our school look bad. This is how we get treated by a town we do business with? Well, we have a great school system. Why can't you do a story about the Bulldogs who assist our elementary students who need extra help? You rarely print about our community unless it's this type garbage. I'm proud to be living in Carthage. Surprised?"

"Donna, you can't blame LNJ."

"Okay! Well, I do blame them for negatively skewed reporting about CISD, not reporting all the great aspects about CISD ( academics and sports), and noting the timing of this article sucks. Today the Panola Watchman highlighted five outstanding students with my granddaughter being one of them. These students included two from our team who are gifted on and off the field. I do lots of business in Longview along with many people in Carthage. So yes, Mr. Martin and LNJ, I can blame that newspaper. Our head coach always wants to do playoff games in Longview. I hope re changed his mind in the future."

"Hey I believe Coach Surratt has earned every dime of his salary. I go to the games because I back our students and my alma mater. I graduated from Carthage High School and budget cuts aren't anything new. Even then certain extracurricular programs were priority over academics, band was one of them. I should know, I was a member of that award-winning band. ... Plus Coach Surratt stresses academics. You will be hard pressed to find a player on his team that isn't on the honor roll. He teaches these young men more than how to play the game of football, he teaches them how to be honorable, polite, obedient and deciplined young men. ... To me that's worth an extra $21,000. Just saying."

"I agree! He teaches these young men the way he was taught at Linden-Kildare. Carthage is very fortunate to have Scott Surratt as a coach and an educator."

"That $21,000 is a drop in the bucket compared to the hundreds of thousands of dollars he's generated for Carthage ISD through the years. Ridiculous article."

"Really time to consider just eliminating these silly sports programs and refocus on education."

"Everyone wants to be rewarded. I feel that EVERYONE should be rewarded, within margin of the school district, without leaving anyone behind."

Dueling bands

Regarding "Letter: Never happened," Monday:

"The Big Green Marching Machine know when to play and not play. They are well disciplined and not disrespectful."

"Actually, the Lobo band DID play while they were standing at the end zone and Lufkin was still on the field. Several fans around me (on the Lobo side were discussing it). The Lobo band was playing the fight song as the Lobos were coming out from halftime. The LP band WAS still on the field. That's a fact."

"Yes you are correct."

"They are supposed to play the fight song when team takes the field. Perhaps Lufkin was on the field too long?"

Christmas angels

Regarding "Volunteers make repairs to Longview retiree's home just in time for Christmas," Thursday:

"Happy Longview has at least one caring policeman: Sgt. Chip Koepke. I'm sure there are more, but the story is about Koepke. Thanks, officer."

"Way to take a positive and lay some negative liberal vibes on it."

"No, your ignorance and foolishness put a political spin on it; someone simply pointed out the compassion of a police officer."

"They have MANY caring officers!"

"Some Christmas Angels! Thank you to all who had a hand in helping this lady! May God bless all of you, and may He continue to bless Ms. Owens."

"AVCO does a great job of giving back to the community in so many ways! Thank you to all the folks involved. This is such a nice thing to do."



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