Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Answer line: No plans to synchronize lights at new distribution center

Dec. 22, 2017 at 11:44 p.m.

QUESTION: Is the city of Longview going to synchronize the lights along the truck route before the new Dollar General distribution center opens and brings increased truck traffic to Longview?

ANSWER: The city doesn't have plans to do that right now but will make changes as needed. Traffic Engineer Stephen Ha noted the light traffic on George Richey Road (which would carry traffic to the planned distribution center) and the long spacing between signals.

"We will fine tune the signal timing and make necessary changes as needed in the future," he said.

Q: I also love using the newly finished George Richey Road. Two out of four times when I have been westbound, I've missed the turn for McCann Road. There is a street sign eastbound. Will there soon be one for westbound drivers?

A: Ha, the city's traffic engineer, said the city would install a street sign name there.

Q: Does the Longview Independent School District have property insurance that covers signs like the one at Hudson PEP Elementary School? The campus held a fundraiser earlier this year to replace or repair the sign after it was damaged and stopped working.

A: District spokeswoman Elizabeth Ross said yes, the sign at Hudson PEP was covered by insurance, which is paying for a new sign at the school. The fundraiser was held in case the insurance money wasn't enough, Ross said.

A FINAL NOTE: I can't say enough about how much I appreciate Answer Line readers and what a gift y'all have been to me for the past nine years. I normally let people who call in to Answer Line remain anonymous, but this week, I asked a loyal reader for permission to publish a poem she wrote and included in a Christmas card she sent me. It's lovely and timely and says Merry Christmas in just the right way. My thanks to Carole Chapel of Longview for allowing me to share "The Christmas Gift."

As Mary looked at her baby lying quietly on the hay,

She never could have imagined He came to give His life away.

The reason Jesus left heaven was to purchase a gift for you.

And now that it's Christmas please open your box,

Inside is a life brand new.

The box is your heart

Don't keep it closed tight

Open it wide receive Jesus tonight.

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