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Letters on beliefs, Trump's accomplishments, littering

Dec. 23, 2017 at 11:27 p.m.

What do they believe?

I just finished reading "Never Look at the Empty Seats" by Charlie Daniels.

Now, this is not the best book I have ever read and Charlie Daniels is not my favorite music entertainer, but I was impressed.

He devoted a whole chapter in detail about what and how he believed. It was the longest chapter in the book. How many politicians, entertainers or businessmen of today would do this?

Skip Jenkins, Longview

Dirty irony

The dogs take me for a walk almost every day. After some time, I decided to pick up litter along our daily routes. It seemed the right thing to do.

Walking recently near downtown, I found a clean white plastic bag, still partially folded, caught in a ditch near a culvert. I pulled it out of the dry ditch and it had printed on it, "Don't mess with Texas." Underneath the bold statement was something about adopting a highway.

I turned onto West Houston Street and headed toward Grove Street. At that intersection, I found several chunks of plastic bumper and red taillights left over from an accident. A bit farther down West Houston, I came across some pieces of blue vinyl flooring strewn along the edge of the street.

Thanks to a lazy tow truck driver and a semi-conscious construction worker, I managed to fill the large white trash bag proudly broadcasting "Don't mess with Texas."

I guess it was my lucky day.

Elynn Price, Marshall

Find some happiness

Since the election of President Trump, I have noticed that the News-Journal often has headlines that are misleading and/or negative about our president. It saddens me to think there are people in this country who actually want our president, therefore our country, to fail. Mind-boggling. Why not use your platform to promote positivity.

You could start by listing some of Trump's accomplishments like, immigration reform, education, military, ISIS, veterans administration reform, homeland security, stock market, GDP, protecting life of unborn, job growth, trashing Obamacare, consumer optimism, government transparency, religious liberty, mining, regulatory reform and on and on.

There are actually 167 accomplishments by our president since he took office. Why are you not talking about those things? When the media only reports half of a story, or, in some cases, actually makes up the stories, they become part of the problem. We're sick of the negativity. Let God into your heart and find some happiness to talk about.

Amy Knight, Longview



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