Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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Letters on language, Alabama's statement, dumping fees

Dec. 27, 2017 at 4 a.m.

Y'all or you guys

I'll never know the hows and whys of the Yankees filtering "you guys" in to our language. It must be some kind of breach for them to teach such a one-gender term to us "country bumpkins."

Wish we could build a wall between our "y'all" and their "you guys." When a salesman or waitress says "you guys," it brings tears to your eyes. I'll go to my grave trying to save "y'all."

Merry Christmas y'all, and a Happy New Year you'se guys!

Johnny Griggs, Longview

A dose of reality

I have never read a more self-serving, self-righteous piece of garbage in my 80-plus years (editorial, "Thanks, Alabama, for reminder some lines mustn't be crossed," Dec. 20). The editorial stated that Roy Moore and Louis Gohmert perfectly described the entire Republican Party, the tea party, the president and all conservatives. The only people left on earth who are less believed than the liberal fake news is Congress and used car salesmen.

The tea party never burned police vehicles, tore up buildings, trashed public parks or threw rocks and feces at police. The darlings of the left or the so-called 99 percenters did all those things and attacked the tea party rallies much to the delight of the liberal media.

I seem to remember a Democratic president who used his power as a governor and as president to abuse many women, lied under oath and is still an icon in the Democratic Party.

The people of the USA elected our current president. California, New York and New England did not get to choose our national leader. Our Founding Fathers used their foresight to set up the electoral college. The popular vote cannot be used to elect a national leader. It's fine for states, counties and local elections. Both parties have good and decent people, as well as sorry folks. Just put away the broad brush and get a good dose of reality.

Dale Grider, Longview

A weighty fee

This fall, I hauled a trailer load of old cabinets and a few pieces of scrap trim to the dump. This was a small 10-foot trailer. I was charged $48 to dump the load.

This seems pricey for a trip to the dump.

If these charges weren't so high perhaps we would see less trash dumped at inappropriate areas.

Frank Sanders, Marshall



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