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Feb. 17, 2017 at 4 a.m.

Conversations about the news get lively at, where commenters are encouraged to weigh in on stories via Facebook. Here's a sampling of some recent comments:

Point counterpoint

Regarding "East Texas GOP women urged to fight new disruptive movement," Wednesday:

"Your tea party playbook was fine for you, but not for us? I call serious BS. Sit back, the ride is just starting."

"Fortunately for the country, beyond crying about things you don't like, you don't have the votes in Washington to stop anything. Oh and I didn't see protests (riots) in the streets by the Tea Party."

"Jeff Hahne I did."

"We're OK with them protesting but we won't have an intelligent discussion with them. Sad. Seems like that is a lot of what the conservative movement is about we want what we want and we will yell about it but don't ask us the logic behind our views. (Cause there is very little.)"

"Sarah, you realize that your statement is the exact definition of what the liberals are doing right? We won, overwhelmingly (House, Senate and POTUS), so we don't need to worry about the logic behind YOUR views. We voted your views out. Remember as the former president said, 'Elections have consequences' "

"The Tea Party was against Obama for all false reasons. He ended up not being or doing anything they accused him of, except being black. They were disruptive and had no clear agenda except that they didn't like him. They accused him of not being born here, being a Muslim, going to take up guns, being a socialist and other things that were patently and now historically untrue. The protests against Trump are for his and his closet advisors and cabinet unhealthy relationship with Russia, his constant lying about anything and everything, his insults to allies, his insinuations that the courts, judges and highest national security teams are wrong and corrupt, accusing the press of being dishonest when they tell the truth, his nasty and vulgar manner, his juvenile way of retaliation against anyone not agreeing with him, his total ignorance of the Constitution and workings of government and on and on. We have reasons to be in fear for our democracy. You just passed around garbage for facts about Obama. The two are not equal, and NO we will not be quiet when the security of our nation and its residents are at risk. Buckle up, it is going to be a bumpy ride."

Low-income housing

Regarding "Proof of zero income now needed to get housing aid in Longview," Tuesday:

"People are going to start losing their housing vouchers. What about an elderly person who in all likelihood will not be hired?"

"Most likely the elderly has income like SSI or Social Security. This is basically for the ones who are lying, got a man that's working bringing home $40,000-$60,000 a year but not reporting it."

"Shawanna MzLilo Anderson, there are Street people who virtually live on zero income. Their sole income being SNAP. The majority sell their SNAP and that is their disposable income. When I said elderly, I am talking about ages 50-62 with no SSI or SSID. Everyone does not have a disability or organic issues."

"Leeandra Larry I disagree with you about the people you are giving as an example that will lose their vouchers. First we can eliminate the street people because they live on the streets or in the woods along the Sabine or whatever. Vouchers pay your rent. So they don't apply here. The elderly who live off small Social Security would have to be taking in a whole lot as regular monthly gifts from people to lose their entire voucher. But let's say they babysit a little and get $25 that month. Well that is work and truly money/income coming in so that $25 will be calculated in their income. Then depending on what their other income ss or si is, it may not even make a difference. Their voucher has a dollar value particular to their income. The higher the income the lower the voucher if you qualify to begin with. The lower the income the higher the voucher value. Some get their vouchers slowly reduced as their income slowly goes up. But like I said this normally does not happen to the very elderly and disabled as their incomes tends normally to decrease even by inflation. You would be shocked by all the young people claiming zero income but driving nicer cars, have cell phones and are dressed to the tee!"

"Am I understanding this correctly? So we will help with housing if you have zero income. But you can't work and earn enough money to pay utilities and transportation and buy a little food because, if you do, we will kick you out of your home? Why do we penalize people for trying to improve their situation? Allow them to work and earn money. Give them a year, worry free, to find a place to move if they earn enough to afford it. Sure, impose restrictions and demand responsibility, but be reasonable. I guess our ability to reason is gone, though, isn't it? Many people need help. Help them. Don't stomp on them. If I am misunderstanding this, please provide an explanation. This is troubling."

"No sir, you are in full comprehension! All sensibility seems to be lost. Thank you also for not being political! I too am very concerned about these things, as our homeless population continues to grow here in Gregg County."

"Let's be clear: What they are trying to do is make the recipients prove that they aren't getting paid under-the-table or through some kind of criminal activity."

"Howard Swann is right. Read more closely. It does not say that the recipient cannot recieve the suppliment if they have a small amount of income; they just have to provide details on HOW they are meeting basic needs. Those answers will help develop long-term plans. 'Momma' willing to buy the groceries and babysit? Then maybe you can attend classes or start in the workforce at a minimum wage job while you gain experience enough to move up, ultimately becoming self-sufficient. Or do you have some crackhead dealer living in your residence and actually contributing to household needs? LOTS of scenerios, here. Bottom line, if you take assistance, you are accountable. Period."

"This is an excellent step in the right direction. The amount of fraud in these government assistance programs are staggering."

Smoothing the ride

Regarding "Project begins to eliminate dip at Hawkins-Eastman intersection in Longview," Monday:

"Why does no one have to take financial responsibility for the original design of this intersection. Doesn't Longview have lawyers?"

"I'd like to see the City of Longview create more incentives for new businesses to build in other parts of town. Spread people out a little instead of having everyone dumped into one corner."

"Would have been nice if they had waited until Hawkins was open at the Tryon Road end. It's very difficult to get to Arabella and Treviso right now."

"East Marshall Avenue at North Eastman Road has had a dip in the road for the longest. Why is everything catered to North Longview? First things first if you want to be just!"

"Because Longview is not interested in anything south of U.S. 80. Why wasn't this done right the first time? Could they not see the dip in the road?"

"Exactly, just like the rough stretch of 281 east of Longview. Are the contractors someone's buddies or nephews? As to the intersection, $400,000 seems like a significant amount to just let the original builders slide."

"Can we PLEASE get a turning lane on Fourth Street between Loop 281 and Hawkins Parkway?"



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