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Hallsville man premieres faith-based film at Waco theater

By April Barbe, Special to the News-Journal
July 16, 2017 at 1 a.m.

Actor/writer/director David Ford addresses the crowd  July 8 at the premiere of his second feature film, "Sense of Urgency."

Hallsville resident David Ford walked the red carpet July 8 in Waco during the premiere of his second feature film, and he did so with a sellout crowd in attendance.

Almost 200 people packed the Jubilee Theatre in Waco to see Ford's faith-based film "Sense of Urgency." The movie was filmed in and around the Waco area in the summer of 2016 during 18 days in triple-digit heat. Post production lasted about nine months, Ford said.

"I think it was a success. It was sold out, and we had a big round of applause at the end of the film. Mission accomplished," Ford said of the film premiere.

Executive producer Stuart Miller echoed Ford's sentiments.

"It always feels good when God gives you a little pat on the back and says, 'Job well done.' And that's exactly what I think he was doing when he gave us the turnout for this premiere."

Though the film carries a message of salvation, there were plenty of laughs throughout the movie as Ford's character Jake interacts with a feeble-minded Carl played by Miller.

"It's great to see the reaction from the audience. I believe the best compliments a filmmaker can get are laughs and tears from the audience, and we got a lot of them," Miller said.

"Sense of Urgency" focuses on a teen from a wealthy family who learns that she is adopted. Izzy played by newcomer Miciah Auden hires a private investigator to find her birth parents.

When a meeting is set up, Izzy hops on a bus to go meet her mom, but when the bus is taken over by hijackers, she soon discovers her captors are using her as ransom.

"I think the movie instills a message of hope and enlightenment in the fact that no matter who you are or what you have done, that Christ the Lord gave his life for all sin, and he will forgive us if we come to him and repent," Ford said.

The movie was nominated for Best Screenplay earlier this year at the International Christian Film Festival in Florida. The film was written by Ford and Mike Reid of Kyle.

Ford, who is originally from Harleton but now lives in Hallsville, said he decided to pursue faith-based films because he believes God gave him the passion and talent to do it.

He said he also is trying to do his part in the "great commission that Christ commanded his followers to do" by reaching people for Christ.

"If you really think about, everything we do crumbles over time. Great actors die, great movies finally fade from the spotlight, but what we do for Jesus is eternal," Ford said.

Ford said his favorite Christian movie is "The Passion of the Christ." Baptized at age 7, Ford said he recently rededicated his life as an adult to Christ.

"I believe it was real then (when he was 7) ... but I just wanted to do it as an adult since I knew much more in depth what Christ did for me," he added.

"Sense of Urgency" will be screened at churches across the U.S. Ford said there is no cost to churches that want to show the movie. A portion of DVD sales from each church screening will be given back to the church.

Churches interested in setting up a showing may contact Miller at

Miller and his wife, Cindi, are co-founders of GodZone Ministries. Stuart and Cindi Miller, David Ford and Lee and Shirley Kelley formed Little Cherub Entertainment. Ford also has a production company, Saving Oscar Productions. The movie was produced by GodZone and Saving Oscar Productions and distributed by Little Cherub Entertainment.

To purchase "Sense of Urgency" on DVD visit

So, what's next for Ford and the production companies?

He said he has five screenplays waiting in the wings, each one a little more ambitious than the other.

"Our hope and dream is to be able to produce about two to three feature films a year full time and get some recognizable faces in our films," Ford said. "We believe our films are very powerful, and if we can make them at studio quality, then many lives will be changed for God's glory."



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