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3 Myths Debunked About the Hottest Beauty Trend of the Summer

July 18, 2017 at midnight

As a skin care treatment, chemical peels are a hot beauty trend this summer—but the process itself has given rise to much debate. Because we want to look and feel our best, it's important to know what's true and what isn't about chemical peels before taking the plunge. This article looks at the top three myths and reveals the facts to ease your mind about receiving a chemical treatment. Perhaps that flawless complexion is just a peel away?

1. The Pain

The first myth on the list is the pain people expect to experience. Keep in mind that chemical peels have evolved and great advancements have been made over the years. While there are varying intensities of treatments, the majority cause little more than sensitivity and redness. Some may feel uncomfortable during application, but it won't be the intense burn that is often imagined.

2. The Downtime

Another popular myth is that the downtime will leave you in hibernation for weeks. The reality is that many chemical peels won’t even cause the skin to physically peel—although this does depend on the strength of the ingredients used.

Some treatments are complete within ten minutes, without visible exfoliation. The typical healing process will take three to five days, with most peeling taking place on the second or third day.

3. The Skin Types

Some people believe they have don’t have the right skin type for a chemical peel. Once again, this is a myth because there are many types of chemical peel with varying degrees of strength. There are chemical treatments available for all skin types—including very sensitive skin.

The Bottom Line

The truth is that chemical peels can be a valuable part of an ongoing skin care regimen. They can remove dull surface skin cells, acne scarring, fine lines, and pigmentation.

Most estheticians suggest that you do a series of treatments based on your individual skin concerns. When used in this way, chemical peels can cause the skin to go into ‘healing mode’, producing more collagen and looking visibly younger over time.

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