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Letters on Gohmert skipping town halls, young and old veterans, deadly wildfires

March 16, 2017 at 4 a.m.

Cretins and Gohmert

Well, well. The Left-Wing News Journal is alive and well. Here you go attacking the Honorable Louie Gohmert (Editorial, Feb. 24) for having the good sense to avoid town hall meetings that will most likely include the thugs and hooligans who have decided that the way to get their way in America is to wreak havoc and shout down all opposing views. These uncivilized cretins have decided that civil discussion has no place in American politics. Theirs are not an acts of protest but of boorishness and vulgarity.

I applaud Rep. Gohmert for having the good sense to deny them a showplace for their savagery.

— Al McBride, Longview

Young and old veterans

I am a newly elected commander of American Legion Post 232. I was the vice-commander of the post, that position was primarily responsible for membership. As a result of that responsibility I did a tremendous amount of research. I found that the millennial and/or Generation Y was the largest generation the U.S. has had (80 million). That generation consists of those under 35 years of age. This is the generation that we want in our Post.

There have been less than flattering things said about this generation but we know that their strengths far outweigh any negatives. The problem has been how do you get in touch with them? These young veterans by their nature are community bound. We current members of the post can offer mentorship to these young veterans with their superior technical skills and they can start stepping into leadership positions in the post.

Experience and youthful knowledge — what a great combination. If you're interested go to our website at

— James Sutton, Longview

Missing the story

How is it that we can have hundreds of thousands of acres burned with unknown numbers of cattle lost and not one word in the paper? If you don't consider this news what about the lives and homes lost in the fire?

It seems to me that this is more important to Texans than Hillary's haircut or President Trump's tweets.

— Marvin Parvino, Avinger

Editor's note: The News-Journal published hundreds of words, in print and online, about wildfires that ravaged parts of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas earlier this month. We offer our condolences to those who lost loved ones and property.



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