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Letters on bad attention, criticizing Trump, town hall meetings

March 18, 2017 at 11:20 p.m.

Troubling pursuits

How have we become such a wealthy nation that many have nothing to do but criticize and condemn?

You know, there are two types of attention — good and bad. Bad is always easier.

Sidney Allen, Longview

No more of that

Kathy Somer said she will not be silenced (letters, March 9). Where was your voice during eight years of the most corrupt and lawless administration in the history of the United States? Your letter was a perfect summation of President Obama but then you attempt to project it onto President Trump.

I suppose that you could not find it then since it was a left wing radical Marxist Democrat trashing the Constitution. Why would anyone with a hint of sanity want another term of that?

Jerry Medford, Kilgore

Can't have town halls

On Feb. 22, U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy held a town hall meeting in Metairie, Louisiana. A group of verbally abusive protesters overran a chaplain as he prayed and heckled a Vietnam War veteran who attempted to lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. It was assumed that these were not local people, but rousers shipped in from elsewhere.

Actions such as these are why town hall meetings cannot be held anymore in a normal and civilized manner.

There are those whose total focus is to bring America down. Times have changed. Values and morals have gone by the wayside for many people in our great nation. According to a recent news article (news story, March 11), the American Civil Liberties Union staged a nationwide training event to urge people to protest the policies of President Trump. The event was live streamed to all 50 states and the ACLU executive director said 200,000 people had signed up to attend one of an estimated 2,000 local events. Protesters are urged to "do the work in the streets."

So, town hall meetings are no longer the most suitable place to voice our questions and answers. It seems the best option if we have a question is to direct it to our elected officials by email, fax, postal mail or telephone so that it may be answered by the same process. We can expect it to get worse.

Burline King, White Oak



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