Friday, December 15, 2017

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Lawsuits filed: Oct. 22 to 28

Nov. 5, 2017 at 11:40 p.m.

Cases filed from Oct. 22 to 28 in Gregg County Civil Court. Cases that end in an "A" were considered in the 188th District Court; "B" in the 124th District Court; and "CCL2" in the County Court of Law 2:

  • 2017-2064-B American Express Centurion Bank v. Courtney Daniels, breach of contract

  • 2017-2072-B in re: the commitment of Ronald Ray Riggs, civil commitment

  • 2017-2077-B Central Mutual Insurance Co. v. Lauren Michelle Bridges, auto personal injury/damages

  • 2017-2095-B Wells Fargo Bank v. Stephanie Wilson and the unknown heirs at law of Kevin Wilson deceased, foreclosure of lien

  • 2065-H State of Texas v. Vangie Marie Weaver, habeas corpus

  • 2017-2061-A Autovest, assignee of MarkOne Financial v. Sandra L. Dorthlon, breach of contract

  • 2017-2075-A Woolley Tool v. Cynpat Oil & Gas, breach of contract

  • 2017-2089-A East Texas Professional Credit Union v. R.W. Rowley Properties, other civil

  • 2064-H State of Texas v. Jessie Brown, writ of habeas corpus

  • 2017-2068-CCL2 T.C. Means and Gloria Means v. Charles Taylor, auto personal injury/damages

  • 2017-2070-CCL2 Charles N. Richardson Enterprises v. AAA Well Service, suit on account

  • 2017-2074-CCL2 State of Texas v. $10,281 U.S. currency; Jimenez Arms model No. JA380, serial No. 183339 .380 caliber; .45 and .380 caliber ammunition; ecstasy, THC, promethazine and marijuana; digital scales and baggies, suit for seizure and intention to forfeit

  • 2017-2076-CCL2 State of Texas v. $3,395 U.S. currency; Israel Arms LTD model No. M-5000, serial No. RSA302630 .45 caliber; .45 caliber ammunition; powder cocaine, methamphetamine and ecstasy; digital scales and baggies, suit for seizure and intention to forfeit

  • 2017-2083-CCL2 Orr Motors of Longview v. Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, other civil

  • 2017-2088-CCL2 Ally Bank v. Maria Gonez and Adan Gonez, breach of contract

  • 2017-2097-CCL2 Leroy Rader Funeral Home v. Marion Gaw, breach of contract

  • 2017-2099-CCL2 Ultra Premium Oilfield Services v. North American Tubular Services, other civil

  • 021352-CCL2 Gladewater ISD v. Keith Arthur Cannon, tax



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