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Nov. 9, 2017 at 11:08 p.m.

Conversations about the news get lively at, where commenters are encouraged to weigh in on stories via Facebook. Here's a sampling of some recent comments:

Church shooting

Regarding "Church shooting in South Texas leaves several dead, wounded," Sunday:

"You know it's getting bad when a person has to carry a gun to church just to protect himself and others."

"We have 320 million people in America; there are bound to be a bunch of unhappy nuts here, just sayin'. At least he was shot by a neighbor who was paying attention and was armed, like a minuteman."

"Praying for this small community. God show them your grace and mercy."

"Once again thoughts and prayers after the fact are useless. People are still dead. Families are unnecessarily grieving. All because we choose not to take action. Let me guess, now is not the time to discuss gun control. We as a culture are pathetic. We are the most intelligent species on the planet. We know the solution, yet we continue to ignore it to give our thoughts and prayers."

"The only way to stop mass shootings is to ban guns altogether. If the government tried that, the politicians better move to Mexico. Nobody would ever give up their guns. The Second Amendment is here to stay."

"This is tragic. Almost drills a hole right into your heart. God help the many wounded and families as well as neighbors who have been affected in such a close knit South Texas community by this awful occurrence."

"The AR-15s are involved in almost all of these mass murders. Why aren't they outlawed? Oh I know, because the NRA donates to all these congress people, including this idiot-in-chief."

"A .45 auto could kill just the same so what's your point? You want to take away the Second Amendment, just admit it."

"Those guns could but the fact remains that the AR-15s apparently are the weapon of choice. No one wants to take away the Second Amendment and no one wants your guns. We want common sense to rule, not money. Btw: license to carry here."

"Guns don't kill people. People with evil in them kill people. If guns are outlawed only dishonest and evil people will still have guns. I'm never giving up my gun. In biblical times the doorkeepers to the sanctuary were men who had swords and spears to protect the ones in worship. Think about it."

"Not to mention where Jesus commanded his disciples to take up arms for self defense in Luke 22:36 — Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one."

"Stephen Taylor I think if guns were around when Jesus walked he might have had a different opinion."

Homeless at work

Regarding "Homeless work program on Longview City Council agenda," Tuesday:

"Providing work for the homeless and low-income people is great, just hope it pays more than our measly minimum wage. No one should have to work at $7.25 an hour."

"No one should have to support using drug addicts either."

"I applaud the city for trying to find a solution to this ever-growing problem. It may not be the best, but it is a step in the right direction and should only evolve. Sandi, I would love to hear what your solution would be if you were on this committee. You are mighty quick to judge everything the city is proposing but I have yet to see you propose anything other than criticism of the plans people who are trying to help have come up with."

"I was not criticizing this plan. I think it's great but wondering what the pay is? Minimum wage in Texas is too low . We need to raise the minimum wage for all. There isn't a person who can live on their own for $7.25 an hour and those type of jobs are usually part time."

"Most businesses pay over the minimum wage, I know our business does. Most people who complain about the minimum wage have never owned a business, and have no idea how much it costs to run one. If this plan goes through, it will be interesting to see how much people really want to work."

"Tina, I owned my own businesses for most of my life and know exactly what it cost to run one. I always found that Texas fees were higher than federal ones. Paying workers comp, unemployment insurance, health insurance for employees, etc., were outrageous for small business. But if you pay only minimum wage what type of employee will you get? Not a loyal, dedicated one for sure. Most of my employees stayed with me for 25-30 years. I do know of what I speak."

"Sandi, I agree that taxes, regulations, fees and all the other costs of running a small business are rising all the time and are out of hand. That's why the government needs to stay out of the minimum wage debacle. When's the last time government has made money, other than taking it from producers? What qualifies them to decide on what a 'wage' should be? Not one thing! They had nothing to do with a family business that my father started 35 years ago. Best thing they can do is leave us business owners alone."

Bootlegger calls it quits

Regarding "Bootlegger Grill in Longview closes; owner cites 'oversaturation'," Tuesday:

"I will miss the people and the employees of Bootlegger. This was my go-to place for certain sporting events. He had a private party for all of the regulars during the Cowboys game. A good time was had by all."

"My son and I would go there and always enjoyed the meal. Truly sorry to see it close. There are an awful lot of restaurants in Longview."

"Best of luck to your future Chris, you had a good run and you are a true sweetheart."

"I hate that Bootlegger closed. Always had excellent food there. I must say that I am weary of all of the chain restaurants that are coming here. Wish folks would support the hometown businesses more."

"All the best to you Mr. Cline. Yours was a wonderful establishment!"

Packin' in the pews

Regarding "Area churches review security plans after shooting," Tuesday:

"Although having members with concealed handguns might help, nothing is more effective than a uniformed officer with a gun at the entrance. It can be police or private security but either way your congregation will feel and be safer. Private security is an effective and less costly way to go."

"Why don't they just install metal detectors at the door?"

"Why would someone intent on breaking the law let a metal detector stop them? I believe you are thinking like a law-abiding person doing the correct thing but someone with evil intent doesn't do that. Or it may make them go to another venue. I don't have the answers though wish I did. I like the idea of officers or hired security but am also OK with my friends who are armed."

"We have a membership of about 600 and several of our members are law enforcement and our doors are monitored for each service and are locked when services start but are still monitored during service. We do have several that carry and know which ones so we feel pretty safe but you can never prepared enough for some one to walk in as a stranger. We greet each person new or old member and visitors don't get by without being talked to."

"You could just turn the other cheek."



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