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Letters on erasing Confederacy, honoring anthems, bike path attack

Nov. 14, 2017 at 11:55 p.m.

Wasteful activity

The current headlong rush to eliminate anything remotely related to the Confederacy will cost untold millions of dollars that could be better spent elsewhere and will accomplish nothing except to set back race relations for years in the South.

Don Peck, Longview

Honor all anthems

The letter written by Ken Schuler (Oct. 15) has so much meaning to both American and non-American citizens.

An anthem is a spirit of one's country. Not only is it a national song, it is also a tribute to those who serve our country. It encourages people to appreciate the past, appreciate the people who fought and died for the country, and appreciate the people who were injured on the battlefield. Any U.S citizen is a part of the national anthem. Standing and loudly singing the anthem are ways to show our loyalty, our pride and our love to our country as an American. Furthermore, standing and being respectful of other countries' anthems is a way to show friendship and cooperation between countries. These are the simplest and also the most effective ways to unite countries.

People keep saying that God created humans, and everyone is equal, so why can't we sing, stand and respect other countries like we do with ours? I encourage the idea of standing for all national anthems because it supports a purpose creating a better world.

Huong Phuc Quynh Vo (Penny), Kilgore

Who's the coward?

The mayor of New York City called the bike path attack "cowardly" (news stories, Nov. 1-6). However, study of a few word meanings tells me the mayor, along with essentially all other public policy leaders in the Western world, are acting as cowards. The dictionary indicates that cowards are fearful, easily intimidated, and lack courage to deal with danger. That is precisely how I see the mayor.

He should stop being afraid to openly acknowledge Islam's origin, its history of sordid ideological/political actions across huge swaths of planet Earth, and what Islam is now doing to persons like me, a typical citizen of the USA.

Mayor Bill de Blasio should be saying that the driver of the truck is simply a soldier bravely acting on orders from a superior; therefore, he is hardly guilty of a war crime. The evil teacher and/or website producer who "radicalized" him is the true culprit. The person behind this heinous act should be carefully identified, hunted down and killed just like the Mossad struck down individuals who killed athletes in Munich.

The handwringing we keep doing serves only to embolden the enemy.

Lewis Bishop, Gilmer



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