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Nov. 16, 2017 at 11:38 p.m.

Conversations about the news get lively at, where commenters are encouraged to weigh in on stories via Facebook. Here's a sampling of some recent comments:

Street racers nabbed

Regarding "2 men arrested on racing charges in Longview," Sunday:

"Now let's crack down on some other more victimless crimes. I know high speed is dangerous but we have other issues that need to be addressed."

— Ken Han

"Victimless crime?"

"Why wait until there is a victim? What kind of thinking is that?"

"There were two victims last month on U.S. 259 by Hawkins Parkway."

"Jack Lafollett, no that's not what I said. I said there are more important things than drag racing that needs to be focused on. I guess you would like for an officer to sit on each corner to prevent accidents."

"There is always something more important but when these idiots cause wrecks and innocent people die, I would like a police person be there to witness it. I see this happen often on the Loop! Can't tell you how many people run red lights (now that the cameras are gone). Today I saw three cars run red lights not even trying to stop. If a police person is in the area that helps on both of those troubling issues."

"Two people were killed and my friend in ICU last month from the same thing. Victimless? Idiot."

"It's about time, LPD ... "

"If you really want to lessen or stop street racing, give these car guys a place to race. Car guys would be off the road and we would all be happier. No place to race? Where do you think they will race at? That's right, the street. And if you think incarceration will stop street racing, well, has incarceration won the drug wars?"

Eliminating Confederacy

Regarding "Letter: Wasteful activity," Tuesday:

"Mr. Peck, I agree that it is a shame that so much money must be spent cleaning up the false history and intentional intimidation that was placed on our public grounds. But as good stewards of our history and honoring our nation and 'All Men are Created Equal' we should spend what is required to get our house in order. Or would you rather leave things polluted?"

"Relocating does not equal eliminating. Removing a Confederate plaque from the Texas Capitol building that portrays a lie will somehow 'set back race relations for years in the South?' Please enlighten, how will this impede blacks relating to whites? The cost? Maybe our state officials should reimburse us their wasted salary for the time spent on that stupid bathroom bill."

Neal's protest

Regarding "New Neal McCoy song slams anthem protests," Thursday:

"Keep up the good work, young man, it is appreciated. Got your back."

"Neal, I heard your song on YouTube the other day. I loved how you performed it but, you need to understand that the knee protest isn't about respecting the flag, it's a protest for civil rights. If you don't believe it, do you remember when Joe Morgan of the Houston Astros back then was stopped and frisked at an airport for wearing a nice suit? People of color get hassled all the time and it needs to stop."

"Sandi, you need to understand, no matter the intent, it does disrespect what that flag stands for. I put Marines in body bags protecting what that flag stands for, and I fought so idiots have the freedom to do things that I vehemently disagree with. Protest for civil rights all you want, but if that flag offends you, there are lots of other flags. Find one you like and go there."

"Will Butch Haggard, so he's not supposed to protest a system he doesn't believe in because you 'think'' he's disrespecting the flag? The problem is he let the media control the narrative. He never once said I'm protesting against the flag. I hardly doubt when you watch a baseball or football game in your living room you stand up and sing the national anthem. When the national anthem was written people of color were in chains. I seriously doubt their liberties were considered."

"Sandi Sach, that is the problem. I bet if these guys walked arm in arm down the worst crime ridden areas of their representative cities dressed in full gear, that would get attention and media coverage. It would heal instead of divide."

"A silent protest?! And folks are upset by this action? Ummm, well, when protests turned violent back in the day and burning and looting broke out in various cities, folks got upset about that too. So which type of protests do y'all prefer? Silent protest? Or rage and violence type protest?"

Wrongly jailed

Regarding "Longview woman wrongly jailed for 2 1/2 months in Upshur County," Tuesday:

"I'm curious, Chief Deputy Hazel, was she ever informed she could file a grievance? SMH. 34 years experience and you couldn't check this out? You would think when she stated it wasn't her that someone would have looked into it, but nope, you guys didn't take the time. Shame on you and now you're going to the cost the county a lot of money."

"Sue them to the fullest. I was a passenger in a car that got pulled over in Upshur County and they ran my name and said I had a warrant out of Rusk County for jumping Bond on a charge of possession of dangerous drugs and I told them they didn't know what they were talking about because I've never been arrested for dangerous drugs or any kind of drugs in Rusk County. After a couple of weeks in Upshur County Jail I was transferred to Rusk County where I was released as soon as I got there because the paperwork was messed up and they were wrong but I did not have the wherewithal to sue anybody at that time I just had to take it."

"Looks like a remedy is in order for the grievance this woman suffered due to gross negligence of the county, inspector, and former sheriff. It doesn't suprise me it was Gilmer."

"What about fingerprints? What about pics of the actual person? Seems they didn't know a thing about who was supposed to be in there. WOW! So messed up!"

"This almost happened to me 20 years ago in Longview. Cops came to my house at 10 p.m. and handcuffed me in front of my husband and 10-year-old child and tried to cart me away in my nightgown for a crime that happened in Mount Pleasant or somewhere I had never even been before. The person had the same name as me, yet was 10 years older, eight inches taller, and outweighed me by at least 50 pounds. Luckily I was able to convince them to please check the other Lisa's info (height, weight, age), and they did and let me go."

"Grievances are most likely ignored much like medical issues are ignored. This is sad and I hope she wins large."

"So shocked. Kidding. Nothing surprises me anymore in this town. SMH. Get 'em, girl!"

Mayor at work

Regarding "Gladewater mayor helps maintain 34-year-old park," Tuesday:

"I can attest that our man is a hands-on mayor. He is devoted to making Gladewater a better place to live. He does more than just clean the park too. He and his wife Linda made and served hot chocolate at the Gladewater Christmas Open House last weekend. He has done much to beautify the city and keep it clean. Besides all that, he's a really great man, friend and neighbor."

"His love for the Lord carries over to his love for our community. He is a special man of God. We are blessed in Gladewater."



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