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Letters on school zones, America's future

Nov. 21, 2017 at 11:54 p.m.

School zone questions

After reading the article about Longview ISD, city and state officials clashing over new school zones (Sunday), I want to point out something that has baffled me for many years. The high school has a school zone on Hawkins and Airline but not on the loop.

If you drive on the loop or Judson Road around 4:10 p.m. (especially on a Friday of a home football game), there are a lot of students darting across the a busy, major road. I have asked the school about this and was told the loop is too far from the campus. That might have been true a long time ago but not now. I have seen police out talking to students running across the road. I have seen people slam on their brakes.

I see a lot of young drivers and people in a hurry driving on the loop while pedestrians dart in front of them. But that is OK ... we need to argue over the new elementary school, where I have seen zero students dart in front of cars going faster than the posted speed limit.

My question is, how do we get people to realize the high school area is the most dangerous school zone in Longview and is the least monitored for speeders — and only on two of the three roads have school zones?

Amy McCarty, Longview

A failed call

I am 17, and after reading Patrick Henry's speech, I was inspired to write this.

"A Failed Call to Action"

The bodies are stacking up

Yet the television screen is filled with the latest dose of false perfection

While people were wondering what part of Kim Kardashian is real, a man just walked into a church full of innocent people

They were singing praises to God and now they are singing praises with God.

Come on America. Quit blaming God, and start taking the blame for your own actions. Quit saying for this reason we shouldn't have guns. Don't be so quick to point your finger because soon you'll realize you are the one holding the loaded weapon.

Wake up America. Stop worrying about political correctness, open your eyes. You don't want labels, yet you continuously argue about the right labels to use.

What's happened to you, America?

You used to be the beautiful sleeping beast

A beast that would not stand for the inalienable rights of man to be tarnished

A beast that would rise and praise God as a unified nation.

Are we the United States of America or the Divided States of America?

Are we the land of the free, the home of the brave, or are we the land of the misguided and the home to cowards?

Where are going America?

You may think you're headed to paradise but on the pathway that leads to ruins.

You might as well be Rome, America.

You rose to the light from ashes.

From dust you came and now from dust you shall return.

Ashly Quintanilla, Longview



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