Friday, December 15, 2017

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Letters on Veterans Day event, moral high ground, honoring the flag

Nov. 21, 2017 at 12:07 a.m.

A wonderful event

A big thank you and a salute to Hallsville ISD for the Veterans Day program hosted by the junior high this year. It was a great program and all those who participated were wonderful.

Dr. Jeff Shelton gave a very motivating speech that I hope struck a note with the students about "respect" and the flag. The most awesome part of the program was at the end as veterans were leaving, we were asked to line up our vehicles behind a police unit and we were escorted out to the highway. Along the drive there were students from all grades at the school waving and smiling and holding thank you signs. Shouts of God Bless You and "USA! USA!" were heard all along the drive. Teachers, staff ,and law enforcement did the same.

A wonderful end to a great weekend.

Richard Pearson, Longview

Don't preach to me

"Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican serial pedophile." The moral high ground has been ceded to a cesspool of religious freaks defending the indefensible. Wo consumed by it all, you've failed to notice the executive has been compromised by godless Russians.

Nearly every war and human tragedy of the past 40 years can be laid at the feet of the world's religions. Defeating communism was never enough. And the only mission accomplished with George's "crusade" is the longest war in history. And it can't stop until one religion wins.

Your "morals" and "values" are just some people talking down to the rest of us. I submit as proof the universal absence of forgiveness. All that's left is hate. So don't preach to me about your morals, and stop taking the Lord's name in your vanity Just eat your little cracker. And have your little wine. Pay your Russian hacker, and wallow with the swine.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Art Strange, Longview

Now I'm angry

You have finally made me angry and you know who you are.

In the Civil War, I am sorry to say, I had kin on both sides. I had six uncles in World War I. In World War II, I had a brother and a future husband. We didn't have anyone in the Korean War, there wasn't anyone old enough to go.

In the Vietnam war, my daughter and son joined the Army. My granddaughter joined the Army and was shipped to Iraq. She has PTSD because she saw a buddy blown to bits. She was wounded in her back. She has a permanent disability.

So you see why I am angry, because when you disrespect the flag, you disrespect all the men and women who fought for America's freedom.

Billie M. Reese, Longview



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