Friday, December 15, 2017

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Nov. 23, 2017 at 11:14 p.m.

Conversations about the news get lively at, where commenters are encouraged to weigh in on stories via Facebook. Here's a sampling of some recent comments:

Supporting Amtrak

Regarding "Editorial: Note to Washington — Amtrak is important," Saturday:

"Excellent article! Keep the pressure on Congress."

"Why is it that federal funding for air traffic controllers is referred to as an appropriation, and federal funding for highways is always referred to as an investment, but federal funding for Amtrak is always referred to as being a subsidy?"

"Don't forget the Texas Eagle goes west to San Antonio where it combines with the Sunset Limited and on to El Paso, Tucson, Maricopa (Phoenix) and Los Angeles on a tri-weekly schedule. Let's make it a high priority to make this service daily and to return service to Phoenix."

"A suggestion as to lobbying Congress. Longview lies in Texas' First Congressional District. The National Association of Passengers, NARP, keeps a record of Congress member's votes. Your congressional representative has not once cast a favorable vote for Amtrak. Even though Amtrak serves Longview, your congress member is anti-Amtrak. I suggest here is a good place to start. The average annual Highway Trust Fund shortage is $15 billion. Currently , in order to keep the trust fund from going insolvent, $35 billion has been taken from the general fund over the last decade or so. This is a question that needs be posed to our congress member."

"Very good article, we need The Texas Eagle and more. Rail lines are very important to Texas and America, and the Eagle is a good way to travel. Wake up, Congress ... "

"Huge waste of money. Use Greyhound bus."

Trooper suit

Regarding "New trooper suit: Files forged," Tuesday:

"Good luck Trooper Spears! Watch your back ... "

"Well, he's got a great attorney, I'll give him that. Some folks call him a crackpot, but I like him. He doesn't have a problem standing up to those inbred embarrassments in Waco. That's good in my book. Anybody that rips those folks apart has my vote."

"I don't agree with Snoop's rants or beliefs, but I thought the photo with Trooper Spears was in good faith. Many of Snoop's fans saw the photo and got a more positive attitude toward law enforcement."

Slow school zone

Regarding "Longview ISD, city clash on school zones," Saturday:

"Other school zones that have been long established, but not necessary, are Bramlette off of Judson road and the school off of Hughey. While we are at it, raise the speed limit back up to 35 on Peagues."

"Hmmm. So it was OK to run over the transients in the area but not the children? We need a school zone on Marshall Avenue by the hospital."

"I believe that Longview ISD should have found an alternative location for their expensive school instead of a busy intersection. The city and its residents should not have to suffer traffic congestion for three people walking or not walking. I believe that is a lie, 'fake news,' Longview ISD has come up with to justify a school zone."

"Some thoughts on School Zone issue. Texas School Board members are elected by their respective districts to act as trustees of their communities children's education and safety. Highway 80 has not been known as citadel of safety for pedestrians or motorists. Thus it defies explanation when both TEXDOT and the City Staff demure and pass the buck on School Zones at the campus of our youngest and most vulnerable students. Finding 20-plus acre pieces of property inside or close to Longview city limits is a tough task, options are very limited. Check a city map. Whether the label 'fake news' is accurate or not, the idea that the good citizens of Longview would not 'suffer' to protect the lives of their 3- to 5-year-old children would never have occurred to this reader."

"I would defer to the 20-plus acres at that sits at Judson Road and 1844 outside the city limits. Apparently this was not a tough task. I could name and find at least 40 20 acre lots that could occupy this school and not be in the direct assault of the traffic that is in question. LEDCO had 100 acres of prime land that could be used for this. The South Business Park. Numerous places in South and North Longview. Check your facts before you bring this 'fake news' to me and the readers of this paper, Mr. Judson Murray. And I have sat at those intersections and have seen zero children walking home. ZERO."

"School Zones first and foremost are about children's safety, period the end. That comes with traffic control. Traffic control is the domain of city and state governments. Centralized access and timely driving from various parts of our district are imperative for a school that is not a neighborhood school. Few plots are available for the myriad of requirements for such a large campus. The current location is by far the best. I'm sure the district is sorry for any inconvenience caused by their attempts to educate children."

"There are a lot of pedestrians at the high school yet the Loop doesn't have a school zone. I see more students walking (running) across the Loop than I see for any school. Johnston McQueen doesn't allow pedestrians but there is a school zone. Judson Middle School doesn't allow pedestrians but there is a school zone. To me as a driver, I am far more concerned with high school students running across the road than I am a kinder student."

"Preached about this problem about fast traffic around these schools for several years to the mayor and City Council with no results."

All about Elaine

Regarding "Editorial: Elaine Reynolds' example of service is just one part of her legacy," Nov. 16:

"Loved Elaine! She has left a huge heart print on Longview and will be immensely missed!"

"Great individual and will be missed."

"Love you and will always miss you my dear friend. Band On The Run."

"So well written and so accurate about my friend Elaine. I know firsthand, having worked with her for many years, that what is written here is spot on. She loved to serve and to help and she did not seek glory or fame. It would bring great joy to her when people thanked her for her spirit and dedication and sought her out for advice and help."

"Well said! The void she has left will never be filled but like all great leaders she prepared her teams well to carry on. We will keep her legacy going! Miss her so!"

"Hear! Hear!"

"Elaine was definitely a driving force in Longview!"

"Thank you for this well-written remembrance of Elaine Reynolds. She will be greatly missed. May her example of service continue to inspire."

"A very fitting tribute for an incredible gentle soul. Longview is indeed better because of Elaine."

Upshur disagreement

Regarding "Dispute between Upshur County commissioner, district clerk detailed," Sunday:

"Well, I don't know about any of this 'he said' 'she said' business. I just want to know how in the world can you have a bookkeeping system without a decimal? Maybe I'm old school but decimal placement has been known to cause major problems for people."

"I'll bet that if a child in math class left out a decimal, they would have a big X marked by it."— Louann Chancy

"Those kids need to pick up their toys and leave the sandbox. Good grief, I'll write them a check for $250 to just go away, but wait, where does the decimal go!"



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