Friday, December 15, 2017

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Letters on church security, an amazing teacher

Nov. 28, 2017 at 11:24 p.m.

Protecting the flock

Concerning the letter by Skip Jenkins entitled "False Security" (Nov. 19), I must say I can appreciate the current Texas Legislature passing House Bill 421 regarding security teams in churches.

However I must also agree with Mr. Jenkins regarding the fact there should be training and accountability in regards to a parishioner who carries a handgun for the purpose of "protecting the flock."

Jimmy Meeks, founder and promoter of "Church Sheepdog Seminars," also advocates that those who carry for this purpose should go through extensive training and that there should be a documented plan in place on how to respond to these types of incidents, and this is certainly the case at Oakland Heights Baptist Church.

Not only are we on guard for aggressive actions and threats to the worship body, we are also prepared for the rendering of emergency medical care in the event it is needed.

Much like Mr. Jenkins and Jimmy Meeks, I suggest that designated church protection personnel should be selected by the church, should be those who have been members for more than a few years, and should go through some programmed initial training and continue with periodic training.

There should also be a partnership with local law enforcement, along with liabilities in mind in this endeavor.

Jack H. Lanier Jr., Longview (Lanier is coordinator of church safety and protection at Oakland Heights Baptist Church and a sergeant with the New London Police Department)

Thanks, Mrs. Timmins

Many moons ago when I was in grade school at Elysian Fields, I had the most amazing teacher in Mrs. Lucille Timmins. She was a whiz in English and Texas history.

She taught us to never split an infinitive. Webster's dictionary — "a verb form generally used as the principal, most often to." She taught us that you never end a sentence with "at." In some cases, you used the pronouns me, him and us.

When I hear educated speakers make these mistakes, it makes my skin crawl. I wish everyone could have had this brilliant teacher. She is no longer alive, but her memory lives on in our hearts. Thanks, Mrs. Timmins!

Betty Railey, Scottsville



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