Saturday, December 16, 2017

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Letters on charitable donations, President Trump

Nov. 29, 2017 at 10:12 p.m.

Giving by mail

Everyone receives mailed requests for donations from a variety of charities/agencies. If you respond with a donation, you will shortly receive a thank you and a request for another donation. The agency believes you are a charitable person and you will send more money.

I made the mistake several months ago and donated to a few charitable organizations. Within a few weeks, I received a thank you and a second request. Apparently, they also released my name to other organizations, and I am now the recipient of 33 different requests from agencies, some of which are very unfamiliar to me. I notified each to remove me from their donor list, but the requests just keep on coming.

So if you donate by mail, even to the most deserving charity, be prepared for the continued requests from some 30 or more others. My advice: Do not donate by mail. Find another way to give anonymously. You will feel better and won't have to throw hundreds of pieces of mail in the recycle bin.

Robert Eberz, Longview

Appreciating freedom

Is anyone actually shocked or surprised about what we have in our president? When you do away with the outright lies and insults there is very little left worth repeating. I will admit President Trump has brought a new normal to politics. He is to the point Democrats don't care for him and more Republicans are getting there.

The outright lies Trump tells all the time are defining him. Every time he makes a speech, regardless of what it is about, he always finishes most sentences with "Believe me." So he knows most of the time he is going to lie and somehow thinks if he says "believe me" that shallow-minded people will think he is telling the truth.

How many people think Trump is a good role model? Would you want your son to look to him as any kind of model? He has disrespected the office of the president, his party and just about everything else that does not show him praise. I understand it is all about him and it has always been.

Isn't it strange how Trump is so patriotic now? To make it interesting, how about his sons both go in the service. Maybe a trip to Afghanistan so they could really see what the price of freedom really means. It would give Mr. Trump a better perspective on what freedom and the First Amendment is all about. You have to have something in the hunt to really appreciate the life of freedom.

Ken Schuler, Gladewater



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