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Comments from readers at news-journal.com

Nov. 30, 2017 at 11:06 p.m.

Conversations about the news get lively at news-journal.com, where commenters are encouraged to weigh in on stories via Facebook. Here's a sampling of some recent comments:

Thanksgiving shoppers

Regarding "East Texans crowd retailers as holiday shopping season begins," Nov. 23:

"Stay closed. Enjoy your family time at home. Shopping can be done later."

"Close! You're really not saving much and you can even get a better deal throughout the year or even after Black Friday! Everyone should be able to have the holidays off."

"We had a blast last night and yesterday! We liked that the stores started and opened on Thanksgiving. Cooked, ate, game, cleaned up and shopping all done on one day! That was AWESOME!"

"If the sales are gonna be crap like they were this year then they might as well stay closed."

"American greed right after giving thanks!"

Coach's plea deal

Regarding "Ex-Hallsville coach pleads to lesser counts," Tuesday:

"Does he have to register as a sex offender?"

"Apparently not. This was not stated among the weak terms of court's decision."

"No he does not."

"Let this put citizens of Harrison and Gregg county on notice. Sexual assault of a child will get you probation and a reduction of the initial charge, but nonviolent offenses will get you double digit years in prison. You vote for these people making these decisions. Keep that in mind."

"So basically this piece of dung is free to assault more children. The blame on this does not lie in the system. It falls squarely on shoddy police and prosecution. Remember them at the polls."

"So after spending the past two years claiming he was innocent he pleads no contest, which the court is stating is a guilty plea. Where does this make any sense?"

"Extremely Roy Mooreish sounding story."

"But a weed case will get you 20 years. This is the reason this happens every 10 minutes."

"This is beyond sad! I wonder if the people involved know the long term effects of sexual abuse?"

"He got a slap on the wrist."

Homicide cases

Regarding "Wheels of justice slow, methodical for Gregg homicide suspects," Saturday:

"At the end of the day, 'no one in our office is eating bonbons and drinking mai tais, just sitting around,' he said. There have been long spirited discussions about this."

"The speedy trial clause of the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that 'in all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy trial' ... "

"There are some shortsighted folks that think there is a away to rush this process. That is simply not the case, and those that suggest otherwise simply do not have a clue about the subject. Carl Dorrough has a complete grasp, and understanding of the complex procedures involved. The Michael Morton Act has complicated and lengthened the discovery times required, as has the onset of police body cams. The Michael Morton Act strives to protect against wrongful convictions, but takes a much longer time to examine the evidence. Body cams protect both law enforcement and the public, but add to the time it takes to properly and thoroughly review a case. Each of those videos must be produced in discovery, and reviewed as evidence by both sides, That takes more time. The experienced prosecutors in the Gregg County DA's office understand this, and so does the Gregg County defense bar who will hold the government to their burden."

Louie running again

Regarding "Gohmert makes it official, files for re-election," Wednesday:

"Go check out Brent Beal! He is running against crazy Uncle Louie and is a great guy who isn't demonstrably insane!"

"Sorry. No such thing as a sane Democrat."

"A Democrat? Count me in!"

"I have no party affiliation and I ask each of you to drop your party and actually investigate these people running for office. I swear our government is beginning to be embarrassing."

"Thanks for the heads up, I'll just pray that people are too smart to vote straight tickets in the next election."

"I'm a conservative and this guy needs to go."

"I love how conservatives and liberals can all agree that he is a jackass."

"Stop voting for this moron. We hate Gohmert! He doesn't represent me!"

"I will be voting for Louie, he has been very helpful to me and others in the past."

"I love Louie. He does a good job and is normally right on subject."

"Yes but who is going to represent this district in Congress?"

"No thanks. We need a change."

"Thank you Louie Gohmert! You have our vote."

"Never again!"

"Term limits ... "

"Brent Beal has my vote!"

Back to jail

Regarding "Murder suspect in Gregg jail again after failing drug test," Nov. 22:

"Thought he was back in jail. Story says he was returned Monday then released again Wednesday."

"They just picked him up so they could slap him on the wrist and say 'bad boy' and then release him. Seems like the bond amount of 125K is awful low for shooting a man in the head while others get a $5M dollar bond for killing a child. Don't get me wrong, killing a child is a terrible offense and I don't disagree with the bond amount but shooting a man in the head over something that he 'threatened' to do is nothing to sneeze at and the bond amount doesn't fit the crime IMO. Our judicial system just doesn't make any sense sometimes."

"Absolutely. You would think you are charged with murder and you can bail out. STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES!"

"Which judge decided this? I will remember."

"First, remember there is the presumption of innocence. If you don't want to honor that presumption and do not expect it to be applied to you if, God forbid, you or a member of your family is in trouble, then feel free to condemn anyone already accused. Second, bail cannot be used as punishment in itself. The actual purpose of bail focuses on several factors but in this instance there two that are particularly important: (a) Whether the person upon whom bail has been motioned to set is likely to appear for trial, and (b) Whether the accused poses a danger to the community. When a defendant's bail is set, courts must consider how much is enough to assure he has the substantial risk of loss if he were not to show up for trial. The court may have considered the danger to the community factor by assessing that the crime was against a particular individual, not the community as a whole. Thus, in this case, the accusation of the death of one man may not indicate additional danger to the community."

"With all that said, if there was enough there to charge this man I myself would not and do not want him loose on the roads. Anybody that can take a person's life out running loose? Someone's life meant nothing to this person!"



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