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Letters on Afghan war, breakfast for Scouting, Alamo plans

Oct. 10, 2017 at 11:57 p.m.

Criminal, and waste

In 1968, I experienced Vietnam combat. Texas A&M and Army buddies died there.

Before and after 1968, taped conversations revealed both Presidents Johnson and Nixon knew the Vietnam war was a loser before their elections as president. During election years, each did not share that fact with the public. When each was president, American forces were not immediately withdrawn. Instead, each needlessly allowed military personnel to suffer, or risk, death and injury.

In 1968, my Vietnamese District Chief informed me South Vietnam would lose the war. He said Vietnam would be unified.

Vietnam, and now history, should teach us to demand to know why we should spend blood and treasure on any conflict that is not worth it. Unless the public and our leadership are sure of the fight, and both step up, there should be no fight.

What have we gained from our war years in Iraq and Afghanistan? Allowing professional military to do multiple war tours without meaningful results is nothing less than criminal and waste.

Not every country wants democracy or free enterprise. The people of these countries want to be themselves, and we, when not in danger, should let them. Let's improve us.

Frank Supercinski, Longview

Breakfast for Scouting

There is a time each year in Boy Scouts that I look forward to around this part of the year. THE PANCAKE BREAKFAST! Boy Scout Troop 618 has a fundraiser to purchase equipment and camp scholarships.

Every time I walk in the building, the smells of the fresh pancakes rush up my nostrils. Regardless what shift I work for the breakfast, I always take a seat and eat fresh pancakes and sausage first. The taste is wonderful and delicious! The syrup, service and laughter with friends are where memories are made.

If you'd like to take time off from cooking breakfast, then come on down. We will be serving from 6:30 to 10 a.m. Saturday at Greggton United Methodist Church. Tickets are $6 for adults and $3 for children 12 and under. They can be bought from a Troop 618 scout or at the door. Come join us!

Dominic Arme, Longview (Arme is completing his communication merit badge)

Reconsider Alamo plans

I am the great-great-great-nephew of Col. William B. Travis. I have been following with great interest the Reimagine the Alamo campaign and am greatly disappointed. I urge the planners to reconsider this campaign.

The fall of the Alamo is central to the Alamo. If there had not been a battle and great sacrifice there by our forefathers, the Alamo would just be some other Spanish mission from a bygone era. The Alamo is sacred ground not only to Texas but to the U.S. and especially to those related to the defenders who fell there. The Alamo is sacred ground. Would we consider reimagining the Battleship Arizona or Gettysburg? The answer should and must be no.

Again, I urge the planners to put a stop to this and any efforts to move the cenotaph.

Thomas G. Travis, Sanford, North Carolina



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