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'Insult Simulator' has short lasting charm

Dustin Taylor

By Dustin Taylor
Sept. 13, 2017 at 7 p.m.

"Oh ... Sir!! The Insult Simulator" allows players to insult friends with the charm of Monty Python.

"Oh ... Sir!! The Insult Simulator" is an interesting title. It wants players to insult each other.

That might sound like a horrible idea, but the game uses silly humor to give it a family-friendly vibe.

The game brings to mind one of the most iconic lines ever uttered in a "Monty Python" movie: "I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!"

That is how silly the insults are. They are childish and oftentimes make little sense. But that is part of its charm. The immature insults that aren't actually meant to insult, but that get a good chuckle out of players.

The game has players battling their opponent by choosing a line of text to build the "ultimate" insult. After choosing a line, the other player gets to choose a line. As both players see all the text that is available, the insults have very little impact in the end. There is a way for each player to get some extra words that aren't listed, but this still doesn't change the impact very much.

Once all of the lines have been used, or both players are content with their insults, the characters recite the insults in a somewhat wonky way due to it being stitched together lines of dialogue. Then, based off the "quality" of the insult, the opponent will take damage to their health. After a few insults are made, the last man standing wins.

The different characters have a weakness of their own, so players can use that to their advantage if the right words are available for them. There is also the ability to perform combos, which can do more damage.

"Insult Simulator" can certainly be fun to play, especially with friends, but the overall replay value is not very high since the insults from the other player don't come as a surprise, and the repetition of making the insults can become boring after a while.

For the price, the game is not a bad deal as an hour could be spent playing on the couch with others, but the game does not feel like it is fully fleshed out. Instead, it rather feels like a cute little demo.

It can be great for a short bus ride or for killing a few minutes until the pizza in the oven is cooked, but it has no real staying power.



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