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Stretching Your Body and Mind - Preparing for Fall

Sept. 26, 2017 at midnight

Stretching is probably the most underrated form of exercise. Not many people know that stretching is not just for warm up or cool down - it has amazing benefits for both the body and mind.

For instance, stretching can:

  1. enhance one's performance and range of motion,
  2. improve muscular function,
  3. prevent injuries,
  4. reduce muscle pain and stiffness,
  5. minimize wear and tear on joints
  6. improve blood flow and circulation,
  7. decrease stress, and
  8. improve overall health and quality of life.

If you want to further take stretching to a new level, Massage Envy has a new, proprietary, professionally-assisted stretch protocol that works for all people with any kind lifestyle. Whether you're a student athlete, a busy mom, or just someone who needs more flexibility, the Streto Method will help you reach your maximum flexibility.

Massage Envy has combined over 15 years of massage expertise and 85 years of research on the functional movements of professional athletes and performers to come up with his method. With the help of an acclaimed chiropractor and an ergonomist, they formulated the Streto Method with ten targeted stretches that work from the top down.

Why follow a top-down approach?

Well, studies have shown that relaxation begins from the head and flows downward through the body. By following this direction, the body is able to overcome its inherent resistance, allowing you to increase circulation, reduce tension, improve muscle function and body posture, and more.

A stretch professional will assist you in a 30 or 60-minute session, performing a specific sequence of stretches that will help loosen individual muscle groups. Massage Envy's stretch professionals are all experienced, coming from different backgrounds such as kinesiology and massage therapy, and were trained extensively to perform the Streto Method. They use slow, deliberate traction techniques so you are comfortable during your session while also making sure that you get the most out of your assisted stretch routine.

Justin Thomas, a five-time PGA Tour winner and now champion, has benefitted immensely from Massage Envy's Streto Method. At 5-foot-10 and 145 pounds, the 24-year-old professional golfer can hit a ball and drive it over 300 yards. In his sport, assisted stretching is important in order to stay limber.

Thomas says that the Streto Method helps him relax his mind and empower his game. "More flexibility, more mobility, more performance," the athlete says.

You do not, however, need to be a professional athlete to benefit from assisted stretching. If you want to reap the benefits of stretching and to get the most out of this exercise, book your Total Body Stretch session today at Massage Envy of Longview. Massage Envy of Longview is located at 3088 N Eastman Rd., in the Target shopping center. Stop in or call today to book your services and learn about our latest membership options and specials. The kids are back in school and the holidays will be here before we know it so take time out of your busy schedule to stretch your body and your mind.



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