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Feb. 1, 2018 at 11:51 p.m.

Conversations about the news get lively at, where commenters are encouraged to weigh in on stories via Facebook. Here's a sampling of some recent comments:

Cruz and Patrick

Regarding "Patrick, Cruz to headline event in Tyler," Saturday:

"Lying Ted and Dan Voucher Man. A sermon on money, a need to keep money in the same hands and all-around narrow mindedness. Be assured efforts to de-fund public education will not be discussed."

"I have two active teachers in Title One schools in my family. These two happy politicians are NOT friends of public education."

"We need honest politicians who represent the American working women and men tired of lies and making promises. Both parties, you stole our Social Security never repaid it. We put this in for our retirement, you had no business stealing it. Not paying our soldiers. Raises taxes. We need people in office who are honest, have morals and respect the American people. Better off with common Joes in office, someone who has walked in our shoes, know the struggle we have. Don't need rich people in office, you're greedy. All you care about is the dollar. Talking about both parties. You don't even support the president, why should we believe y'all?"

"I live in Carlsbad, California, (between San Diego and Camp Pendleton). Two years ago we tossed up our hands in Carlsbad and, like you, Greg, we said, 'No more crooked local politicians, time for transparency, morals and political parties no longer matter if the person is truthful and hard working.' In 2016 we elected to the City Council an amazing person. Street smart. Well, really she is nature smart. Three-time World Champion surfer. Her parents were both pro surfers. She describes her childhood as surfing or church, church or surfing. She has accomplished more in this one year than the others together in several years. And we recruited others with good morals. So now we have a surfer/councilwoman running for mayor, a chemist/environmentalist running for city council and a public health consultant (who is also attending medical school). Quite a smart group. You can do the same Greg! Filter out the bad then let us know who has a good heart."

"What a great opportunity I missed to see two of our state's biggest idiots."

"The two are better than any Democrat. A Democrat only cares about stealing from the rich and enabling the poor. A Democrat would spend your life's savings and blame it on someone else. I got a raise in paycheck. GO TRUMP!"

"JB, The quote below made in 1964 may help to reaffirm your comment as follows: 'And I just want to tell you this — we're in favor of a lot of things and we're against mighty few.' President Lyndon B. Johnson (1964)"

"Glad you warned me, this will be one event I will gladly miss."

Immigration roundup

Regarding "3 from Longview among 86 immigration violators arrested in two states," Saturday:

"I love it! Take our cities back! Keep the criminals OUT!"

"The current administration is doing a good job to protect our country. ICE is now allowed to do its job."

"We have thousands in our town in Mount Pleasant. Maybe someone should come interview Timmy Ingram, head of our sheriff department, and ask why none of our illegals aren't getting deported."

"Keep calling out cops like this if they are covering up illegals. Contact ICE immediately."

"Get rid of them all. They don't belong in the USA. Deport their dads, moms, and grandparents and anchor babies too."

" ... A quarter of a million removals in 2016. I am sure gratitude for the previous administration's work equals those expressed below."

Right, Hank, President Obama will forever be known as the president who steadfastly upheld our immigration laws."

"Not by you, I gather from your sarcasm. But so far, numbers show he is holding the record. President Trump may surpass Obama's deportation accomplishments but he's not there yet."

Protesting the protests

Regarding "Protest spurs Longview Knights of Columbus to ax Super Bowl party," Tuesday:

"What are the Knights of Columbus doing about police brutality in America? What protest are they doing about injustice? If you want to take politics out of sports you will have to remove the flag completely. The flag and the politics belong there. It's the only time we show unity. The way we have demonstrated lately is a demonstration of the constitutional rights."

"Were the Knights upset that the military paid the NFL for all the B.S.? Probably not, Knights are only made black athletes finally came together and took a stand of solidarity."

"Three cheers Lowry. This is what we all should do as great Americans. I know i am."

"Where were the protests when Daniel Shaver (white man) was gunned down by a police officer ? There is a video of the entire thing. Oh, I forgot, he wasn't black."

"So you're blaming a race of people for not protesting? Nothing stop you from doing so. There is a group that protest all the time against people of color, are you one of them?"

"KOC, you really are a piece of work. You could have kept this to yourself but you want controversy so here it is. You belong to one of the most controversial, hidden racist groups out there. You claim Catholic but it really is another word for klan to your members. First Amendment rights are supposed to be a guarantee of the Constitution, but because it offends you it's a travesty. What should be a travesty is that people of all races are being brutally murdered and covered up by a group sworn to protect. People of all races, not a black or white thing, but a worldly problem that needed the attention. But you don't see it that way, you see it as a disrespect to the flag. Your Catholic Bible should have taught you that just as you judge and as swift as you judge you will be judged the same. So support what applies to you and don't judge what doesn't. Happy Super Bowl."

"Its good to see other groups or meeting places/bars etc. in town are not following their lead. At least you still have options. Sports is supposed to be a great escape from all of the controversy triggered throughout the nation although sometimes the athletes try to make a statement by doing something eye catching. The purpose of sports is to ENJOY ourselves. With that being said I wonder if some of the members will boycott other sporting events and prohibit their members from engaging in other sporting events like the World Series if for some reason one day the basball players decide to have a protest. We will see."

Proper perspective

Regarding "Editorial: The proper perspective on those rounded up in last week's immigration raids," Wednesday:

"So saying kids are OK because they were too small to know means millions of illegal parents will bum-rush this country to do the same thing for their kids. These kids are a direct result of illegal immigrants coming here for the explicit purpose of creating anchor babies. What part of illegal is so hard to understand? This is like saying-my parents robbed a bank and gave me all the money so you cant take away all that money from me and by the way-they have been here for so long-they get to not go to jail too."

"Most legal and illegal immigrants are good hard working people and have added value to the American experience."

"Congress has been introducing legislation to address Dreamers since 2001. Nothing has come close to passing both houses, including when the Democrats controlled both houses and the presidency. I didn't vote for Trump, but what he is doing is putting pressure on Congress to put a bill together and get it passed. It's better than bypassing the Constitution, refusing to enforce the law, and legalizing an entire class of people by executive fiat."



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