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Feb. 8, 2018 at 11:41 p.m.

Conversations about the news get lively at, where commenters are encouraged to weigh in on stories via Facebook. Here's a sampling of some recent comments:

Tubb steps up

Regarding "Longview ISD board president draws opponent," Thursday:

"I cannot say enough good things about Michael Tubb; his values, work ethic and commitment to this community of ours is unimpeachable. I am definitely throwing any and all support that I can to my friend Michael Tubb and I'm confident the voters in Place 1 will do so as well!"

"Don't know him, but if he is for a full-time superintendent I am for him. It is ridiculous the number of years we have had a part-time one."

"He is a great family man that wants the best for all children. He will be a great asset to the Longview Independent School District."

"Michael would be a great choice for LISD school board."

Louie's loot

Regarding "Gohmert well in front in funding in congressional race," Wednesday:

"Thank you Mr. Gohmert for representing the majority of East Texans and our values."

"They are elected to serve us all — not just "the majority" — just saying."

"Please inform us on how he is representing our values and what has he done for East Texas? I'm not talking about the way he makes us look dumb for voting for him. The few compliments he gotten on this thread is because he says he is an R, not from his actions."

Richard Holsomback, thank you! The problem is Louie only represents people like him, not our area."

"And I am like 'why will you not meet with us, have town halls?' Listen to all of us and not those just giving to his PAC — not just those who may think like he thinks — they are elected to listen to us all and I have seen no evidence of it at all but that us just me. So I say let's impose our own term limits since they will never vote to put those limits in."

"He has a lot of prior commitments — Fox News appearances."

Dow takes a dive

Regarding "Dow plunges 1,175 points in worst day for stocks since 2011," Monday:

"Trump is not tweeting about this."

"He will. It will say 'FAKE NEWS! SAD.' And then 2,000 of his Twitter cheerleaders will tweet 'Down with CNN!' "

"Donald Trump is going to drag us into another recession."

"History shows that's what Republicans do, drag us into recessions, then Dems have to save the economy."

"And the left cries 'the sky is falling! the sky is falling!' "

"Just like the conservatives stomping their feet throwing tantrums that Obama was acting like an emperor. He played too much golf. Or my personal favorite, 'He's getting ready for a gun grab.' Typical fear mongering from the original snowflake party. The party that lives in the land of 'alternative facts' (lies) and gets the latest updates from King Trump at 3 a.m. during one of his twitter rants. Sad."

"Alack and alas! Pity the poor rich people who lost money on this down trend at the stock market! Their money makes them so much better than us commoners and any loss thereof only brings them closer to us! THE HORROR! I weep for thee, rich man!"

Running for Congress

Regarding "Democrat Beal takes long-shot run at Gohmert post," Monday:

"Gohmert won't even hold a town hall. He's afraid because he only represents a small portion of his constiituency. He's an embarassment to all. Time for him to go. Vote Beal."

"Sandy, Gohmert has represented the majority of his district, which is why he gets re-elected. If fighting for the values which represent the Republican Party is an embarrassment to you that says a lot about the Democratic Party."

"I do not know what planet my opponent lives on Longview News-Journal, but obviously it is not East Texas. Let's compare calendars and see who has made more tracks, who is most active. There is no comparison. The only difference is my opponent gets coverage from you. Why don't you cover my schedule and a debate so that East Texas will know who is really prepared for Washington D.C. and representing the people? This lifelong East Texas veteran who has served this community, Texas and the nation is academically and professionally prepared. This veteran who has done the work of a Congressperson, helping veterans weekly. This veteran who is military, medical, entrepreneur (employed hundreds), never bankrupt and education. Owned an early childhood education school for 20 years and an adjunct for University of Texas at Austin with the College of Nursing, ABCO Project. Plus, a degree in Political Science. The veteran who believes in the Democratic Process. The veteran who has a vocabulary and profanity is not part of it. A veteran who has respect for women and children sitting in the audience. My opponent has one upper hand on McKellar, we all know what that hand is? Ask the citizens in East Texas if Shirley McKellar is active. My opponent can only speak for himself; do not ever try to speak for me and my schedule."

"It's beyond time for someone to call you out, Shirley. Your rants, like the one above, are barely comprehensible. If you're at events, we don't know it because your web site calendar hasn't been updated in more than a year. I've been to dozens of events in the district over the years and have only seen you twice — both times on the coattails of another candidate where you arrived late and left early. We need a viable candidate."

"Dr. McKellar, thank you for reading and commenting. We have tried to reach you since the filing deadline to set up an editorial board meeting so we could prepare a story about you like the one we've done here on Mr. Beal. To date, we have had no response. We also are not being kept up to date on any events, debates or other appearances you are making. Thanks again for running, and for reading the News-Journal. We do hope to hear from you."

"Let's not forget that Gohmert went out and stumped for Roy Moore in Alabama right up to the last day of his campaign. If you are a woman, if you are the parent of young ladies, if you have a sister, a niece, think about this — Gohmert is on record for actively supporting a pedophile, a child predator. Remember, Moore himself DID NOT DENY that as a man in his 30s he dated, or attempted to date, minors. And if you think all he had in mind was a burger and movie then you are an imbecile. If that represents your values, then obviously Gohmert is your man. So I guess we will see whether the voters in Alabama are more intelligent and truly hold their representatives to a higher moral standard than voters in Texas' 1st Congressional District."

Buddy rides off

Regarding "Longtime Longview traffic officer closes out 40-year career," Tuesday:

"Buddy and his wife Laura are people that make your life better by being around them. Fun couple!"

"Since I already had five years in law enforcement when you started, Buddy, it's an honor to have known and been able to follow all your years of faithful service! And from one who'll never be able to afford to retire — my heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS, Bud!"

"Buddy Molpus made Longview a safer place to live, and even when he gave me a ticket (one of three he could think of when he pulled me over), I knew his main goal was increasing safety. His professionalism set a fine example for my then-future driver son, who was in the passenger seat. Thanks, Buddy, for a career well done!"



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