Thursday, February 22, 2018

Warrant: Man threatened to shoot White Oak police

Megan Hix

By Megan Hix
Feb. 12, 2018 at 4:17 p.m.
Updated Feb. 12, 2018 at 4:17 p.m.

Ross Lagrande Lindsey (Gregg County Jail photo)

A Gladewater man was behind bars Monday after police said he threatened to shoot White Oak police officers. The threats were made in videos shared via a multimedia messaging application.

Ross Lagrande Lindsey, 21, was being held under $50,000 bond, charged with obstruction or retaliation. Gregg County Sheriff's deputies arrested him Friday.

Police said Lindsey had posted public videos on the Snapchat app with messages such as "ready to blast White Oak Police in the face I just honked them they know not to pull me over it's game over I'll shoot a cop in the face from White Oak I got a pound on me" and "geeking with the glock ready to blast a wopd and drive off too gladewater," according to a warrant for Lindsey's arrest.

In one video, police said Lindsey posted from inside the lobby of the White Oak Police Department.

"After watching the videos, it appeared (that) this subject drove around White Oak during different times of the day trying to elicit a traffic stop by White Oak officers," according to the warrant.

Lindsey had posted the videos without a username, but officers recalled seeing him in the department lobby and had previously arrested him, according to the warrant.

"Since his arrest, I know that Lindsey has repeatedly called the White Oak Police Department on numerous occasions," according to the warrant.

One officer said he "received several complaints from dispatchers about him calling the police department and asking the same questions over and over again," according to the warrant. His questions included the home address and work schedule of the officer who had arrested him.

"During the phone calls, Lindsey claimed that he gets arrested every time he is contacted by the police department. However, my research revealed that Lindsey has only been arrested here on one occasion and even on that instance he was released prior to booking into the jail because he began banging his head into the jail doors and walls," according to the warrant.

The officer wrote that Lindsey had been given instructions on how to file a complaint against an officer but never did. He said Lindsey had suggested "he hopes" one officer is about to die and another "doesn't deserve to live." Lindsey made the Snapchat video two days later, according to the warrant.

The common theme of Lindsey's calls was "him missing his $20 worth of marijuana" confiscated during his arrest, according to the warrant.

"During one call in particular, he said that he wakes up every morning looking at his marijuana and that it hurt his heart to know that he should have $20 worth of additional weed there and that it makes him enraged to know it's not there," according to the warrant.



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