Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Letters on Longview ISD desegregation, drunken sailors in Congress, Carthage coach's pay raise

Jan. 2, 2018 at 12:18 a.m.

Desegregation history

I believe the Longview ISD school board will do what's best for the Longview schools. That's why they were elected (news story, Dec. 20).

Regarding Longview being divided by north and south (comments, Dec. 22), all towns are divided in some way. I happen to live on the north side of town, not in a rich area, and have neighbors of different races. That's not a problem for anyone I know.

As far as Christian churches not being integrated, my church, Wesley-McCabe United Methodist Church at 1115 S. Mobberly Ave., has been integrated for about 20 years. We welcome and have all races of people. If you would like to come to an integrated church, our services begin at 10:30 a.m. All are welcome. We are Christ's family.

Camille Fletcher, Longview

Drunken sailors

The U.S. House of Representatives consists of 435 representatives. Each state receives a number of representatives based on its population as determined by the census.

The original reason for so many representatives was so that each would represent a relatively small number of constituents. This would allow the representatives to stay current on the opinions of their constituents.

Unfortunately, the vast majority don't vote based on the opinions of their constituents or their own personal opinions. They bloc vote as the Democrat leader or the Republican leader tell them to vote. If the Democrats try to pass a bill, 99 percent of the Republicans vote against it. If the Republicans try to pass a bill, 99 percent of the Democrats vote against it.

Since only five or six representatives are making most of the voting decisions, we don't need 435 representatives. We've got about 430 who are just taking up space and spending tax money like drunken sailors.

If we reduced the number of representatives to about 150, we could save billions of dollars and certainly couldn't worsen the current legislative situation. Democrat and Republican alike, the representatives follow their party's leaders like a flock of sheep without regard for what is right or what their constituents think.

Don Peck, Longview

Hatchet job?

Why would you publish a front page article on the salary of the Carthage ISD coach/athletic director? The news (news story, Dec. 20) was four months old yet you waited until two days before the Bulldogs won their sixth Texas State Football Championship in a decade? You even added a color photo of Coach Surratt for emphasis.

Surely you didn't intend it to be a hatchet job. Or did you?

Bev E. Brown, Carthage



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