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Answer Line: Shredded paper acceptable in city recycling; what happened to Walton and Johnson?

Jan. 11, 2018 at 12:03 a.m.

QUESTION: My friends and I are wondering why you should not put shredded paper in the city of Longview recycling?

ANSWER: I guess this is a good news day for you, because you actually can put shredded paper in your recycling cart. David Simmons, sanitation and beautification manager for the city Longview, told me "shredded paper is perfectly fine."

"I would recommend putting in a clear plastic bag. The bag will keep the paper shreds from blowing out when our truck dumps the cart. Using a clear bag will allow us to see that it is, in fact, recycling," he said.

Q: I want to know what happened to the Walton and Johnson talk show on 98.1 radio station. If they were moved, why?

A: I found an article in The Advocate, the newspaper that covers Baton Rouge, that explains what happened. Walton and Johnson moved themselves to talk radio stations — a change that has landed them in a lawsuit with The Eagle 98.1 in Baton Rouge.

"The radio duo announced on their Facebook page that beginning Jan. 2 they could be found in Baton Rouge on WJBO 1150, an AM station, from 5:30 to 9 a.m. weekdays. Michael Hudson, market president for iHeartMedia-owned WJBO, said the company also converted 97.7 to WJBO FM, giving Walton and Johnson a presence on the FM dial in Baton Rouge. They will broadcast from 5:30 to 10 a.m. on the FM station," the newspaper article said. "The radio hosts also announced they would be moving to New Talk 99.5 WRNO in New Orleans, also in the morning hours. The show had been heard on Bayou radio, 95.7 FM, WKBU."

The move and lawsuit apparently had to do with a breakdown in contract negotiations with The Eagle owner Guaranty Broadcasting Co.

Q: I saw in the newspaper's Police Beat recently that somebody from Kilgore was released from jail after being charged with the third or more instance of driving while intoxicated. Whatever became of the three strikes and out law? Do we still have that in Texas?

A: Yes, we do, but that law generally applies to felonies, with increasing punishments for each felony conviction. Driving while intoxicated starts off as a misdemeanor, unless the driver is involved in a wreck that hurts or kills someone else. Still, a person who is convicted on more than one driving while intoxicated charge faces increasing penalties each time, and it eventually would be classified as a felony.

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