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Jan. 11, 2018 at 11:54 p.m.

Conversations about the news get lively at, where commenters are encouraged to weigh in on stories via Facebook. Here's a sampling of some recent comments:

Dragging death

Regarding "Lawyer argues Texas dragging death a 'drug deal gone bad'," Jan. 5:

"Would be a shame if he gets a new trial."

"He was tried, found guilty. That's it. He should never get out."

"How many people have later been proven innocent after being found guilty, though? If he did it then he deserves what he gets, but if he is truly innocent he deserves that as well. I believe he is guilty from what I recall of the trial, but mistakes can and do happen."

"So he is innocent because it was a bad drug deal?"

Questionable claims

Regarding "Longview dental clinics part of $24M fraud settlement," Thursday:

"I don't think the person who treated my grandson was licensed and it was just someone in a white coat. My grandson loved going to the dentist until that person got a hold on him. Literally."

"Four years ago they told me my daughter needed a crown on her baby tooth. Not thinking that this was the best call I went to two other dentists for consultations and they both told me that she did not need what they had recommended. So many people just take the advice of doctors without looking for other options or asking for second opinions because they trust them."

"It would be interesting for the Longview News-Journal to survey the Longview dentists to see how many take Medicaid."

Gohmert petitioned

Regarding "Petitions urge Gohmert to back DREAM Act," Thursday:

"I have no issue giving these Dreamers that have zero criminal record permanent green card status but they should never receive citizenship unless they serve honorably in the military for a minimum of six years."

"I am of the mind that we should give these individuals the green card with the condition that they fulfill all the obligations that a person filing for citizenship would have to fulfill in a reasonable set amount of time. After all, if you want to be a citizen of any country, you need to learn the principles, history, and values of said country and it's people's. Give them a path to legality and citizenship."

"Thank you Josh, proud of you!"

"Gohmert is a heartless, un-Christian, ignorant, narrow-minded human being. He's just as bad as DJT in pulling insane lies out of his behind and believing it because he says it. DACA/Dreamers will win."

"Don't cave to the pressure, Louie! We have a plan in place on becoming a citizen, how about we do it that way. No shortcuts!"

"Lest we forget, DACA was deferred action. Action was deferred because Congress failed to act. Gohmert has been in Congress since 2005. Unless I've been misinformed, you must have been living in the U.S. since 2007 to qualify for DACA. Those south of the border are aware of this. Yet ... Gohmert, 'I should again point out that every time any type of DACA legalization is mentioned, we have greater surges of people coming into the country illegally.' Totally without merit. A lie. We pay our representatives to propose solutions. Provide funding for the most needed section of border and come up with an answer that would help the biggest number of children, at the same time. This is his job.

Come on, Braum's!

Regarding "Braum's eyes other ET towns besides Longview," Jan. 4:

"Wish they would come to Marshall like they said."

"Please come to Kilgore! We don't even have a Dairy Queen."

"Open pad site for sale between Panda Express and Schlotsky's in front of Walmart!"

"Need to be in South Longview near interstate. There is plenty of land to support the venue."

Marijuana laws

Regarding "AG Sessions to rescind policy that cleared way for legal marijuana," Jan. 4:

"Sure, let's continue the drug war against the American citizenry forever. We have plenty more money to waste on this! After all, we've only wasted billions on this nearly 100-year-old war. And after 100 years, I'm sure the government is just about to win it. Does anybody really believe you can legislate morality?"

"What wonderful logic and reasoning, sir! Sure, let's quit the war on drugs. But not just with pot. Let's make heroin, met, and cocaine legal too! While we're at it, let's legalize bath salts and synthetic marijuana. Hey, let's decrminalize PCP, mescaline and mushrooms as well. Might as well take hydrocodone, oxycodone, and xanax off too. Why not just allow people to write their own prescriptions? In this computer age, people can surely and safely diagnose themselves, so why bother with a pesky doctor? That darned 'ol government is always trying to keep us down! Maybe you should go spend an evening at a local ER to see the effects of illicit and prescription drug abuse firsthand before you spin any more yarns."

"Honestly Ted, we aren't ever going to stop some folks from using illicit substances. Not ever. Incarceration doesn't and won't work or the government would have won this war on this country's citizenry. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. And Ted, this is a war on the citizen. The only people who benefit from our current situation are the police. Huge cash windfall for them. They don't want this to stop. And Ted, we can control the legal drugs you speak of, but do you think big pharmaceutical will restrict distribution of their poison? And everyone reading this, Ted likes the status quo and wants the drug war to continue. Right, Ted? Do you know what recidivism is?"

"Love the slippery slope fallacy!"

"Sorry, but the fallacy rests upon your and Tom's shoulders. Unless you think the War on Drugs is solely a war against marijuana. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, and posit that you were high when you wrote that and not thinking clearly."

"Personally, I have no issue with legalizing pot, but I also have no issue with the president's administration having a huge bargaining chip over flaky states like California."

"Once again: Conservatives are always crying states rights until it's something that they don't agree with."

"Why would conservatives abandon their states rights anthem now? Money. The DEA and penal systems, generally speaking, depend on maintaining the illegality of drugs and marijuana. Private prison stocks have reportedly soared since Trump took office."

"I think the 'United States of America,' 'one for all and all for one' should apply to all of our great states! it's not fair that some states are legal and others are not! I suffer from depress/anxiety disorder and degenerative bone disease and marijuana helps tremendously."

Police shooting

Regarding "Family of man fatally shot by Gladewater officer files lawsuit," Tuesday:

"Rest in peace, Pat. I miss you every day. I love you cousin."

"When this first came out about this man with a criminal background who was shot by an officer trying to protect his community, there were such hurtful things said to the Wise family and I pray and hope this opens your eyes to what is happening right in front of you, in our own community. We have to speak up! Lord knows the truth and the truth will come out Mr.Carlson."

"I miss him every day and he didn't deserve the excessive force used on him. I love you Patrick Michael Wise and I pray that justice will be served."



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