Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Letters on Gregg legal community, engaged voters, Trump's successes

Jan. 16, 2018 at 9:44 p.m.

Gregg legal community

I am writing to call attention to a systemic problem I've noticed within the Gregg County legal community, which is that it seems to be dominated by nepotism and insularity, often at the expense of people like myself.

Throughout my recent divorce, it was repeatedly made clear to me that proceedings were to be more dependent on who I knew than the facts. My lawyer, who resides in Dallas, was regularly excluded from the "buddy club" and ultimately charged with deciding the fate of my case. In the end, the fact neither she nor I were familiar with the judge, mediator or opposing counsel (all whom clearly knew each other) led to a set of unjust outcomes for me and my family.

Not only does this underscore the pervasiveness of Gregg County legal community's professional neglect, it also highlights the numerous changes that need to be made to both divorce and community property laws to ensure that wronged parties are not forced to literally pay for someone else's destructive behavior.

I'm hoping to shed light on this issue so others will not have to experience this type of malfeasance.

Rene Tyeskie, Gladewater

Don't be complacent

We have just embarked on a new year with a new hope and a new president who has accomplished more in his first year in office than any other president in history. His ideas are making America great again, giving us opportunities I don't believe I have ever seen in my 80-plus years. It makes an old man wish he was young again. But it will still be exciting to watch our great country come from a socialistic-despotic state of mind to again being the leader of the free world.

I pray in the 2018 mid-term elections that we do not take our newfound hope for granted. An apathetic people is the last thing we need. America can only be as great as its people want it to be.

We must get out and vote, which is and always has been the foundation for our great country.

Lonnie Holmes, Longview

Had a great fall

President Trump is an overbearing individual who can't resist firing back at any real or perceived criticism. He often tweets without engaging his brain.

Despite all of his liabilities and the total opposition of the Democrats, Trump is getting things done which infuriates the mainstream media. The media totally ignores the fact ISIS is no longer issuing weekly videos of beheadings or that the economy is booming. Since over 50 percent of U.S. households have a 401(k) or some other investment that directly benefits from a soaring stock market, things are improving for most people.

Instead of reporting serious news, the media concentrates on breaking news such as Trump got two scoops of ice cream while the others at the meeting only got one.

The news media and the Democrats need to accept the fact their favorite, Hillary Clinton, lost the election and that, similar to Humpty Dumpty, no amount of anti-Trump articles can put their vision of Hillary in the White House back together again.

Don Peck, Longview



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