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Answer Line: Caddo collection located at historical museum

Jan. 17, 2018 at 11:54 p.m.

QUESTION: What happened to Buddy Calvin Jones' Caddo Indian Museum? I met his mother when I went through the museum during the 1970s. I believe there was an obituary for him in the Longview News-Journal a few years ago, and I seem to remember there was an article in the newspaper about his museum artifacts in another Longview museum. Is that still so? If so, where is the museum?

ANSWER: I think a lot of us who grew up around here remember visiting his family's museum of Caddo Indian artifacts when we were kids.

And yes, what has been described as one of the largest collections of its kind in the region, consisting of several thousand objects, was donated in 2003 to the Gregg County Historical Museum.

The museum, at 222 N. Fredonia in downtown Longview, opened a special display area in 2014 to show part of the collection.

Just for review: Jones was born in Longview to parents with Cherokee Indian ancestors, according to information on the historical museum's website. He developed an interest in his heritage and found his first arrowhead at age 7. He spent years searching for Native American artifacts, and, as an adult studied anthropology and continued his archaeology work. He went on to become a well-known state archaeologist in Florida. He died in 2008 and was buried in Texas.

Q: What year was it when Longview had that big ice storm that knocked out power for days at a time? Was it 17 or 18 years ago?

A: You better be knocking on some wood when you ask about this. There actually were two storms, 17 years ago, although one wasn't focused on Longview. The first happened in mid-December 2000 and wreaked all sorts of havoc in Longview. The second hit on Christmas Eve and was focused a little farther in the "north" of Northeast Texas.

MONTESSORI FOLLOW-UP: I responded to a question regarding the East Texas Montessori Prep School on Saturday, and a reader corrected my use of a description from the Longview school district that said the Montessori Accreditation Council for Texas Education belongs to the American Montessori Society. The Accreditation Council, an independent organization that accredits Montessori educator programs and is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, describes itself as having affiliations with a number of Montessori organizations, including the American Montessori Society.

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