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Jan. 18, 2018 at 11:58 p.m.

Conversations about the news get lively at, where commenters are encouraged to weigh in on stories via Facebook. Here's a sampling of some recent comments:

LISD's secretive moves

Regarding "2 Longview ISD principals reassigned to high school," Jan. 11:

"Here is the lie: They already put a new principal at South Ward and it is the Hudson Pep just like they did for FPMS now there's more than four schools that our kids are not having a full time committed principal and our kids will suffer!"

"So true. At South Ward my daughter said all the teachers are getting moved around. The kids are the ones that will suffer."

"Problem of not having a full time superintendent. He hasn't a rreaking clue! LISD is throwing away money to him."

"My daughter is at South Ward and yes the kids are suffering. My daughter came home in tears because her teacher was going to another grade. All teachers do not teach the same. LISD has got to do better. And why all changes in the middle of the school year? We need answers."

"It is strange making major faculty changes in the middle of the school year."

"That is terrible! Why on Earth would they move a teacher once the school year is set? The best interest of the students should always come first."

"That crack in the dam they keep putting their fingers in to tell us LISD is doing great just keeps getting bigger. I started a petition over a year ago as well as spoke with LNJ. Many teachers still to this day send me emails of problems they constantly face. This is just one of the many problems they have. Not enough people stand up and object or even show up to board meetings. Take all of your comments to them. You may not get any answers, but you will cause a public awareness. ... "

"Why the abrupt change in moving both elementary principals to Longview High School? Less than a semester remains in the in the 2017- 2018 school year. This is baffling. Also what is best for the students at South Ward Elementary and Ware Elementary? Parents, teachers, other concerned citizen: If answers are needed now is the time to respectively address the Longview ISD School Board."

"This is sad. One principal at an elementary campus is not enough and now you have a half? It's a shame LISD."

"It's time to replace entire school board and administrators."

Honoring King

Regarding "Longview marks MLK Day with marches, worship," Monday:

"I highly recommend that everyone read Dr. King's letter written from the Birmingham Jail. This is perhaps the greatest piece of persuasive prose ever written. It uses a biblical approach to define injustice and how to respond in a non-violent manner. It also provides a frank and poignant description of life in the segregated South and the grievous nature of segregation. We can learn much from this letter to apply to current times of racial tension. And let's all continue to celebrate his life by applying his encouraging teaching."

"Great to see everyone standing together in the name of racial unity in the same areas where some decades earlier they weren't permitted to. This shows progress has been made because of one mans purpose to teach and demonstrate there could be change through peaceful demonstrations."

Cakeshop case

Regarding "McAlister: In cakeshop case, will force or reason prevail?," Saturday:

"I don't buy the baker's argument that selling a wedding cake for a gay marriage is the baker's speech. The baker does not attend the wedding or the reception where the cake is served. The baker's name is usually not even announced at the wedding or reception. If the gay couple took him up on his offer to sell them other items, they could have bought all kinds of cupcakes, cookies and other items to serve at their wedding reception and announced at the reception and on a website that Jack Phillips blessed their wedding with all his wonderful baked goods. If he believed his baked goods were his speech, then he couldn't sell any of them to any gay married couple for fear they would be taken as an endorsement of gay marriage. I hope the Supreme Court is smart enough to see through this bogus argument."

" 'I do not want to see religious bigotry in any form. It would disturb me if there was a wedding between the religious fundamentalists and the political right. The hard right has no interest in religion except to manipulate it.' The Rev. Billy Graham, quoted in Parade, Feb. 1, 1981."

"Homosexuality is a humanistic religion that believes, for example, that men can turn into women, children can have two mothers or two fathers, boys can share bathrooms and showers with girls even though the girls say no, and if you disagree with this false ideology and/or believe that marriage is only between a man and a woman, then you are a hateful bigot with 17th century views and using your religion to discriminate against homosexuals and you will be punished by the government and pay with your livelihood. This is very sick thinking. Perhaps the judiciary should reaffirm and understand the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 'Gay Rights' is a false term. No person has the civil right to go around deceiving and tricking people nor can people be forced to accept something that's false or else. Jesus warned many times over to see to it that you do not allow yourselves to be deceived and no Christian is falling for the government sponsored same sex religion. There are many religions with differing views, and neither are forced to accept the other's world view. The government cannot establish one religion over another, but that is exactly what has happened in its promotion of same sex religion. Homosexuality is a religion not a race."

"You got to love the illogical equivocation argument: redefining 'religion' to equate something to an actual religion, then trying to argue that since they are the same, your religion is being treated unfairly. Homosexuality is no more a religion than being left-handed is a religion. Total nonsense! Yet I see several agreements with Miss Brown. It seems believing in nonsense is the next new religion ... OOPS! That religion been around for over two millennia. Oh, and Ms. Brown, 'gay rights' is just rights. You know, the same rights you have. When was the last time you were denied service of any kind because of your 'religion?' Those rights."

Immigration concerns

Regarding "From Apple to Koch, big businesses voice immigration concerns," Sunday:

"Catering to the wants of corporate America has injured the middle class. The American people and the country will be better off if Trump gets his way on immigration. Apple et al. will pay higher wages without immigration. Given profits at all time highs that would do them no harm. Those higher wages would greatly improve the overall economy. Moreover, American workers would not be sending money out of the country as foreign workers do."

"Why is there any discussion at all about "ILLEGAL" immigration. Why have we lost the meaning to the word?"

"Simple: because corporate America actively recruits them. It keeps cost down, makes shareholders happy and there's always a supply. McDonald's gives them fake SSN's, Marriott has them clean our rooms, agriculture has them harvest our food. America's demand for cheap and low prices has always 'trumped' lawfulness."

"E-VERIFY every worker starting with subcontractors and the construction industry. Make employers pay $100,000 fines for every illegal they hire. If illegals can't work they will go home. Also start taxing all food trucks that go to construction sites for every taco they sell. Why should they get to run a tax free business?"



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