Monday, February 19, 2018

Letters on untreated Longview streets, shrinking government, caring police department

Jan. 20, 2018 at 11:22 p.m.

Missed the memo

This morning was an unusual morning due to our snow and ice here in Gregg County, which we have known was coming since last week (news stories Monday-Thursday).

I live in the Kilgore area, where the city was right on top of making its streets safe for everyone to drive on early this morning. But then I drove to Longview and they did nothing to help their citizens or police officers navigate their streets safely. A perfect example was U.S. 80 at Spur 63. At 6:30 a.m. Tuesday morning you would have thought the sand trucks would been out making it safe but I guess the city manager was home in bed. I helped a Longview officer who was trying to push a vehicle out of that intersection by hand but I asked the lady if I could just back it out and we did. While standing there I asked the officer where's your sand trucks? He shrugged his shoulders if to say, "What sand trucks?" Tx Dot was out sanding I-20 so what happened to the city of Longview? I guess they didn't get the memo.

Glad to live outside city limits.

Steve Duszik, Longview

Positive impacts

The Longview Chamber of Commerce's mission to "promote projects that have a positive economic impact" was fulfilled Thursday night — as long as you classify county government a "project." Yes, Judge Stoudt and the commissioners are doing an excellent job. Yes, Gregg County enjoys one of the lowest tax rates in Texas and yes, the county is one of the largest employers in Longview.

However, county government should be one project the citizens should want to shrink.

Instead of listening to county officials brag about our low tax rate, I want to hear them say that we are committed to shrinking county government by 10 percent for each of the next five years so the taxes paid by the citizens is cut in half. Government shrinking and working more efficiently so the taxpayers pay less out of their pocketbooks. That's the concept the chamber needs to champion and that's one reason I am running for county clerk. With the right people in office, we can do things better.

Douglas "Dugg" Burks, Longview (Burks is a candidate for county clerk)

Thank you, Longview PD

I wanted to say public thanks to Chief Bishop, officer Kristie Brian and the entire Longview Police Department for putting on a church safety seminar for all of us who volunteer in our various church safety roles to provide a safer place for us to worship. At some time during the presentation, all the speakers told us how much the Longview police cares for the community. And after visiting with many of the officers present, I can certainly validate that claim.

Longview is indeed blessed to have such a dedicated police department made up of an outstanding group of officers.

Cliff Todd, Long Branch



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