Sunday, February 18, 2018

Letters on rich getting richer, thinking for yourself, nation in crisis

Jan. 23, 2018 at 11:38 p.m.

All those tax breaks

I am a retiree on a fixed pension so I get no increase and Social Security went up a pittance. My pension is taxed, and I have to pay Social Security and Medicare from it. The tax laws were just changed such that corporations and most middle class people get reductions.

I have to wonder, when the utilities got decreases to 21 percent from 35 percent, why do they now get a 9 percent increase (news story, Jan. 16) on top of the tax savings? What will they do with the difference? Perhaps bury the power cables to avoid the wind blown poles collapsing, or is it destined to increase management salaries? Or perhaps switch from coal to gas? Makes me wonder.

Ian G. Murdoch, Longview

Don't be afraid

My fellow Americans, do not be afraid to think for yourselves. If you do, you might just discover you do not actually support everything Republicans stand for nor do you actually support everything Democrats stand for. That's OK!

What is not OK is labeling someone because of what they believe or assuming they are the enemy.

I voted Republican most of my life until I realized I had more in common with what Democrats stood for (in general) than what Republicans stood for (in general).

I own guns although I believe we need to have certain laws and controls over who buys, sells and owns them. I am a Christian, but I believe we walk a fine line when we demand that public schools (a government entity) have mandatory prayer. I believe in free enterprise, but when law-abiding, taxpaying Americans are excluded from having access to "affordable health care" through no fault of their own, it is time to admit our system is broken.

However, there are those who will quickly surmise that I am an "anti-Christian Liberal who is a threat to the American way of life," none of which is true.

Bill E. Hedrick, Kilgore

A nation in crisis

The California attorney general warned employers in the sanctuary state they face prosecution if they cooperate with federal immigration officials. Under California's new Immigration Worker Protection Act, employers and businesses could be fined up to $10,000 if they give employee information to U.S. Immigration Customs agents.

When state law defies federal law we no longer have a United States of America. Does California want to secede from the union? This is a revolution.

Does anybody remember the showdown between John Kennedy and George Wallace in 1963 over integration of the University of Alabama? Federal law won. Outright defiance of federal law cannot be tolerated. Can you imagine any state having been allowed to legalize liquor during Prohibition — yet states are legalizing recreational marijuana in defiance of federal law?

This nation is at a crisis state.

Are we, or are we not, the United States of America?

Peggy Jones, Longview



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