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Jan. 25, 2018 at 11:45 p.m.

Conversations about the news get lively at, where commenters are encouraged to weigh in on stories via Facebook. Here's a sampling of some recent comments:

Pining for principal

Regarding "Parents, students want Longview ISD principal back," Tuesday:

"This is a great teaching tool for kids that it's OK to be upset and even adults will come home crying after a bad day at work but sometimes we have to accept events that are beyond our control. Of course we do not like seeing our children cry and its OK to express frustration but once they grow up how are they going to react to changes in the workforce if something happens they do not like? How we accept changes as adults and the style we promote our frustration (i.e. peaceful expressions, or getting angry and cussing) sets the example for our children and how they react as adults."

"Which is why we peacefully went to a public board meeting to let our concern be known."

"Anytime elected officials do something without explanation, it sends a message to children that it's OK to conduct business in the dark."

" ... the changes... CHANGE is the process by which the future INVADES our lives. ~Alvin Toffler"

"I applaud these kids and parents for standing up and making their voices heard."

"Is there anybody out who can tell me what's behind these unexplained transfers? When both parents and students are enthusiastic about a campus principal, which appears to be the case with at least one of the two, admin generally sends up a prayer of thanks. What did these two do? Refuse to do? I'd love to write a follow-up to this."

"On the flip-side, maybe they didn't do anything. It could be that their skills and experience were the best fit to address needs at the high school."

"Employees can be moved like PAWNS!"

"Umm, yeah. Kinda IS that way. Think the school likes it that way. Not necessarily bad for the district, but district favors flexibility, maybe. But it is something I have noticed working for the district."

"Yes we all loved Dr. Cooper. She really helped the kids with any problem they had and she would let us parents know. We really need her back at South Ward."

"The simple fact of the matter is both of these wonderful ladies are highly talented educators and administrators who were not going to be elementary school principals forever. Anyone assuming so or wishing this to be has been deceiving themselves. The administrative team at LISD has shown time and again over the last decade a propensity for getting education right. Let us not complain and question decisions we might not agree with, let us wait and hold LISD accountable for the results of those decisions."

"There might not be complaints if the teachers and students were told the 'why.' School decisions should not be a secret from the people who are in these schools."

Reliving Confederacy

Regarding "Confederate Heroes Day draws crowd to Gregg County monument," Sunday:

"Delusional grown-up dorks playing dress up."

"Wow. Were there people dressed in KKK outfits as well? If not I'm surprised. There is no place for an event of this racist nature on the steps of our courthouse."

"Confederate does not mean racist anymore than the women's marches mean they are anti-men. Desert Storm invaded a country. Does that mean the soldiers are racist or terrorists?"

"After the war, during what is now called Reconstruction, white supremacists conducted a reign of terror throughout the South. Most prominent of these, the Ku Klux Klan, was formed in Pulaski, Tennessee, in 1865. Originally founded as a social club for former Confederate soldiers."

"Chris Stow, please take a moment to read the Texas Declaration of Independence and the Confederate Constitution. After doing so, feel free to edit your original observations."

"Where's the crowd?"

" ' ... he said, adding the U.S. Army struck the South first.' This is not true. The Confederates fired first to begin the Civil War and the war was over slavery. Revision of history is ignorance in action."

"The states' right to have Slavery. Yes,. the Conferderates fought for states rights all right."

A new school

Regarding "Talks start for East Texas vocational school," Tuesday:

"This is a great idea — thanks go to all involved for pushing this idea forward. A real partnership across our area schools will be perfect for helping local kids."

"Really promising idea. The next generation of American workers will need these skills to stay relevant and compete globally. A skilled trade school would be huge for East Texas."

"I hope this develops as envisioned. We have so many students today who can ace the dual credit courses, while in high school but do not have the patience and/or resources to have to continue in structured education for another 2 years, or more, to qualify for decent paying jobs with a future."

"Finally! The kind of change we need. Great idea that's taken too long. Hope it becomes a reality!"

Police shooting

Regarding "Troubled vet shot, killed by Harrison deputy," Saturday:

"I am glad there were witnesses there. As in the past, Arther Jr. was sent to the VA when he was off his meds. Why was a 'lone ranger' sent this time? McAfee is 61 years and therefore has been dismissed from the U.S. Army about 40 years ago. He has an associates degree in architecture. He has never been a gangster or drug addict. He was a law-abiding citizen and a devout Christian. Oh, did I forget to say he is an African-American male? He was too old for 'the talk.' Why shoot an unarmed man twice in the chest just because he said he didn't want to be Tasered? Why not aim at a leg or knee? This was not Harrison County's first trip out there. By Gwen McAfee (loving sister, Dallas, Texas)

"I feel for your loss and agree this seems to have been an unnecessary shooting. However, to the point, police can't (don't) just 'shoot in the arm or leg.' That's the stuff of movies. In reality, even those shots can be fatal as well. Worse, it could actually be more dangerous to those around if they try to make a shot like that as there is a greater chance to miss. It seems a shot should have never taken place in the first place in this case."

"I am so sorry to read about this. Losing a sibling is hard, no matter how it happens. This is heartbreaking."

"Once again the liberal news wants to spread hate before the shooting has even been investigated."

"WOW! Where's the hate in this story? I just read facts. Are you killing the messenger?"

"My husband and I have grown up knowing a lot of the family of this man and this is such a tragedy. I would like to think that people would have sense enough to leave the negativity outside of this and let the family mourn their loss. My heart goes out to the entire family."

"To all who have posted negative comments, if you can't pray for the family please keep your personal opinions to yourself. There is such a thing as RESPECT. Please show some compassion. If you know how to pray, now is the time."



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