Sales tax proceeds varied widely in June in the greater Longview area from a year ago, from a 44.55 percent increase in White Oak to a 23 percent drop in Tatum, according to a report Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar released Tuesday.

Several jurisdictions fell between those extremes while revenues increased 3.3 percent statewide to $2.86 billion.

Longview saw sales tax revenues increase 16.47 percent, from nearly $2.44 million a year ago to $2.84 million.

City spokesman Shawn Hara said, “In general, it is great news. We have had very positive trends for the last 1 1/2 years.”

He expanded on his comments via email: “While 16 percent increase is very good news, the majority of that increase was due to a spike in audit collections. The current collections were up approximately 6 percent, which is still a strong positive sales tax report.

“Audit collections are adjustments, either up or down, that the state makes based on audits of previous periods,” Hara wrote.

Gladewater received a similar boost at 16.43 percent, with revenues increasing from $73,138 to $85,161.

The city has benefited from the opening of new stores and a manufacturer that generates sales tax revenues from a storage service, said Robert Johnson, executive director of the Gladewater Economic Development Corp. and a board member of the Gladewater Chamber of Commerce. He was referring to Sunbelt Manufacturing Co., which makes products for artists and screen-printing businesses.

Gilmer saw a more modest increase at 5.13 percent, with revenues increasing from $142,053 to $149,341.

“We are trending upward and have been for the last two to three years,” Gilmer City Manager Greg Hutson said. “We have had more businesses open up this year. That tells us the economy is good and is still trucking right along. We are encouraged by it. That is good for the city. That is good for everybody involved.”

However, Kilgore was not a party to the good news, with revenues dropping 8.48 percent from $875,502 to $801,240.

“Kilgore has always had a fluctuating sales tax (revenues) due to energy companies that do a lot of work for 90 days,” Mayor Ronnie Spradlin said. “They can have a lull in activity.”

Spradln said sales tax income has been like a roller coaster.

Gregg County saw its revenues increase a modest 4.98 percent outside its cities to $1.37 million from about $1.31 million, Hegar reported.

Statewide, the comptroller’s office collected:

■ $426.6 million from motor vehicle sales and rental taxes, down $1.5 percent from June 2018;

■ $328.1 million from motor fuel taxes, up 0.8 percent;

■ $124.5 million from natural gas production taxes, up 5.2 percent;

■ And $363.4 million from oil production taxes, up 7.5 percent.