Casa Flora Flower Shop is preparing for a “floor to ceiling” remodel and expansion of its home at 314 Magnolia Lane in Longview.

Owner Vickie Slover said she began preparing for the expansion in 2020, with the construction of a warehouse on the lot next to her store. It will be used to house merchandise and other items when the interior of the main building is being renovated.

“We’re adding square footage, from floor to ceiling redoing everything — flooring, paint, lighting,” Slover said. The expansion willl consist of 1,600 square feet, bringing Casa Flora to a total of about 5,000 square feet of design room and expanded retail space.

Magnolia Lane was widened from two to four lanes (on the west side of the Hollybrook/Judson Road intersection) in 2015 and 2016. That’s one of the factors Slover attributed to her flower shop’s growth.

“We see a lot more walk-in traffic now because of the road being widened,” she said.

That growth, and the building’s age, drove the need for the expansion and renovation. Casa Flora’s building started as a home that was built in the 1950s or earlier, Slover said, with the original owner growing and selling pansies and geraniums each summer. Casa Flora came later, with Slover’s mother working for the original owners. Her parents bought the business in 1984, and she later bought it from them after working with them in the business for years.

Part of the house is on pier and beam, and the other part is on a slab.

“We’re having some issues with floors. We need to get the building leveled,” and it’s just time for a facelift, Slover said.

She’s working with Hugman-Lammers-Hawkins Architecture and Construction in Longview on the project. An application to the city for a site plan review places the project’s construction value at $450,000.

Slover said they’re shooting for October to begin construction. Casa Flora will remain open during the work.

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