County Operator Lease/Well Field Survey Type Depth Location

Anderson Fair Oil LTD. Boy Howdy/1 Wildcat Wright, C.F. oil or gas 5600 16 miles southeast of Palestine

Harrison Rose City Resources LLC. Knox/1H Whelan (Pettit) Simpson, B.H oil 7420 3.6 miles northwest of Harleton

Marion Rose City Resources LLC. Sharp/2H Whelan (Pettit) Rogers, N. oil 7450 5.8 miles northwest of Harleton

Panola R. Lacy Services LTD. Opal HV B/2HH Carthage (Haynesville Shale) Booker, A gas 12000 18.5 miles southeast of Carthage

Panola; KJ Energy LLC. Churchbox/1H Brachfield, S.E. (Cotton Valley) Lindsey, C. gas 9800 12.6 miles southwest of Carthage

Smith Breitburn Operating L.P Cameron/4 Overton (Travis Peak) Henriquez, M.G. oil or gas 12000 4.5 miles northeast of Troup


County Operator Lease/Well Field Depth Flow Rate (42 Hrs.)....Choke Size Location

Cherokee ... Petralis Energy Resources LLC. Opal/1 Ricappy (Pettit) 9912 N/A N/A 3 miles west of Jacksonville

Harrison Rockcliff Energy Operating LLC. G.D. McKay HV Unit D/4H Carthage (Haynesville Shale) 10926 16221 28/64 3.75 miles northwest of Elysian Field

Harrison Merit Energy Company Hurd Gas Unit/7 Woodlawn (Travis Peak) 10105 197 64/64 0.5 miles south of Woodlawn

Harrison Comstock Oil & Gas Roberts BF ‘H’/1H Carthage (Haynesville Shale) 11002 20681 34 2.8 miles southwest of Elysian Field

Panola CCI East Texas Upstream LLC. CGU 6/7TP Carthage (Travis Peak) 9695 N/A N/A 1 mile northwest of Carthage

Panola Tanos Exploration II LLC. Vera Davis SWD/1 Carthage, South (Travis Peak) 6012 N/A N/A 2.5 miles southwest of Clayton

Panola Rockcliff Energy Operating LLC. Keller-Lagrone HV Unit E/5H Carthage (Haynesville Shale) 10936 13247 30/64 3.5 miles south of Deberry

Panola Rockcliff Energy Operating LLC. Richardson SWD/1 Bethany (Rodessa) 5387 N/A N/A 7 miles east of Deberry

Rusk Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation Strong-Crim (AW)/1H Oak Hill (Cotton Valley) 10776 11702 35/64 1.3 miles northeast of Henderson

San Augustine Aethon Energy Operating LLC. KVG-King Alloc/2HB Carthage (Haynesville Shale) 13177 N/A N/A 6.2 miles northwest of San Augustine

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— The drilling report was produced with data from the Texas Railroad Commission, from May 16-22. The following counties were searched: Anderson, Angelina, Camp, Cass, Cherokee, Dallas, Ellis, Franklin, Freestone, Gregg, Harrison, Henderson, Houston, Kaufman, Leon, Limestone, Marion, Nacogdoches, Navarro, Panola, Rains, Robertson, Rusk, San Augustine, Shelby, Smith, Upshur, Van Zandt and Wood.