County Operator Lease/Well Field Survey Type Depth Location

Cherokee ...Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation McGill-Murphy (AW)/1H Overton (Cotton Valley Sand) Gee, E. oil or gas 12000 0.75 miles southwest of Troup

Harrison ...Blue Dome Operating LLC. John B. Grimes/1H Carthage (Haynesville Shale) Harrison, G.P. gas 12000 4 miles southeast of Waskom

Harrison ...Blue Dome Operating LLC. John B. Grimes/2H Carthage (Haynesville Shale) Harrison, G.P. gas 12000 4 miles southeast of Waskom

Panola ...Petroquest Energy LLC. Pace CV Unit/1H Carthage (Cotton Valley) Lee, A.V. oil or gas 10000 17.2 miles southeast of Carthage

Rusk ...Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation Allen, David/6 Minden and Oak Hill Reese, P. oil or gas 10750 5.9 miles southeast of Henderson

Smith ...Breitburn Operating L.P. Swann, M.C./11 Overton (Travis Peak) Edson, Gee oil or gas 11950 1.6 miles east of Troup

Smith ...Valence Operating Company Hemphill/1H Girlie Caldwell (Goodman LM) Quevedo, T. oil 9400 2.2 miles southwest of Noonday


County Operator Lease/Well Field Depth Flow Rate (42 Hrs.) Choke Size Location

Cherokee ...Valence Operating Company Chiles G UB-1/5H Troup (Travis Peak) 11981 N/A N/A 3.4 miles southwest of Troup

Freestone ...Southwest Operating Inc. Tyler Ingram Trinity SWD/51 Ingram Trinity (Woodbine) 14031 N/A N/A 5.4 miles northwest of Cayuga

Harrison ...Rockcliff Energy Operating LLC. G.D. McKay HV Unit E/5H Carthage (Haynesville Shale) 11082 19904 28/64 3.75 miles northwest of Elysian Field

Harrison ...New Century Exploration Inc. Arch Nesbitt/1H Whelan (Pettit) 6561 N/A 20 5.5 miles northwest of Marshall

Harrison ...Imagery Exploration Inc. Smitherman No. 1 Gas Unit/1 Willow Springs (Pettit) 11100 N/A N/A 0.5 mile northeast of Longview

Limestone ...Southwest Operating Inc. Tyler NM 1213/2 Mexia 3040 N/A 2 1 mile west of Mexia

Panola ...Petroquest Energy LLC. Wiener CV 4/4H Carthage (Cotton Valley) 9811 11932 50/64 15.8 miles east of Carthage

Panola ...Sponte Operating Inc. Blue-Tatum/5HH Carthage (Haynesville Shale) 11634 19659 32/64 2.1 miles northeast of Tatum

Panola ...Sponte Operating Inc. Blue-Tatum/6HH Carthage (Haynesville Shale) 11700 21417 32/64 2.1 miles northeast of Tatum

Panola ...Sheridan Production Co. III LLC. Tillery Unit/4 Bethany, East (Cotton Valley) 9795 N/A N/A 2.8 miles southwest of Bethany

Panola ...Sheridan Production Co. III LLC. Williamson/4 Carthage (Travis Peak) 9281 30 16/64 5 miles southwest of Carthage

Panola ...Sheridan Production Co. III LLC. Griffith/2 Carthage (Cotton Valley) 9650 N/A N/A 2 miles northwest of Gary

Rusk ...Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation Strong-Crim (AW)/2H Oak Hill (Cotton Valley) 10782 12261 34/64 1.3 miles northeast of Henderson

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— The drilling report was produced with data from the Texas Railroad Commission, from May 9-15. The following counties were searched: Anderson, Angelina, Camp, Cass, Cherokee, Dallas, Ellis, Franklin, Freestone, Gregg, Harrison, Henderson, Houston, Kaufman, Leon, Limestone, Marion, Nacogdoches, Navarro, Panola, Rains, Robertson, Rusk, San Augustine, Shelby, Smith, Upshur, Van Zandt and Wood.