Ron and April Thompson, owners of One Sheep Coffee and Tea in Longview, have expanded their business operations by reopening the Henderson movie theater.

The owners of One Sheep Coffee and Tea in Longview have expanded their business operations by reopening the Henderson movie theater.

April and Ron Thompson also plan to open a coffee shop inside the theater, possibly this weekend.

Formerly known as the Plaza Cinema 3, the movie theater is now named Lion's Den Cinema 3, with a lion logo for the Henderson Lions mascot, said April Thompson.

The couple lived in Henderson for about 12 to 13 years before moving to Longview in 2019. Thompson said her mother-in-law still lives there and kept talking about how the community needed the theater to reopen because there's "nothing" to do in Henderson without it. The theater closed in 2020 during the pandemic.

"After we talked to the landlord, and worked it out and saw that it was basically ready to open, we decided to go ahead and try it and go for it," Thompson said.

"My husband used to manage a movie theater years ago" and loved it," she added.

The three-screen theater shows current movies. The Lions' Den Cinema 3 is open Thursday-Saturday, with "Venom" showing, for instance, and "Halloween Kills" opening Thursday or Friday for the theater's second weekend after reopening.

"Everyone's been real happy. A lot of them came in and thanked us for opening," Thompson said. People also come in to buy popcorn — without also purchasing a movie ticket.

The Thompsons made some building improvements before reopening, including a new sign, new paint on the exterior and interior and replacement of the 20-to 30-year-old seats.

"These are nicer ones that you can lean back and relax a little better," April Thompson said, describing them as "bigger" and "more comfortable" rocker-style chairs. They're also more spaced out to provide more room for movie goers.

"We've got all new Pepsi machines. It's been completely remodeled. We're working on new screens and new menus," Thompson said. "We are still a work in progress."

The Thompsons opened One Sheep Coffee and Tea earlier this year at 906 W. Loop 281 in Longview.

They've been getting the seating and decor ready for the coffee shop that will be located in the theater. It initially will have a limited menu and operate as part of the concession stand with hours that match the theater. Thompson expects the menu will be expanded later and possibly the hours of operation, as well.

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