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Western Villa Mobile Home Park on Wednesday May 4, 2022. (Michael Cavazos/News-Journal Photo)

Almost every Gregg County taxing entity would see property values increase this year by between at least 3 percent to 15 percent, according to estimates released this past week by the Gregg Appraisal District.

That means most property owners will pay higher property taxes.

The appraisal district recently sent notices of estimated property values — they won’t be finalized until close to the end of July — to Gregg County cities, schools and emergency services districts.

“I think it’s general knowledge that we are in a robust market for real estate, and the values we place on the properties are based on property sales,” said Chief Appraiser Libby Neely. “From what we’re seeing, there hasn’t been much slow down continuing into this year.”

The Longview Area Association of Realtors previously reported median home prices are up 24% for the first quarter of 2022 compared with a year ago, with the median price at $237,000 compared with $209,950 during the first quarter of 2021.

Estimated Gregg County appraisal values

Jurisdiction 2021 certified values 2022 estimated values Difference % Change
Gregg County - General 9,490,451,166 10,655,554,770 1,165,103,604 10.934
Gregg County - Road & Bridge 9,452,407,020 10,619,800,502 1,167,393,482 10.993
Clarksville City 50,707,536 58,433,813 7,726,277 13.222
East Mountain City 847,690 848,171 481 0.057
Easton City 42,689,077 40,087,508 (2,601,569) 6.490
Gladewater City 199,354,886 235,227,220 35,872,334 15.250
Kilgore City 985,932,455 1,051,977,039 66,044,584 6.278
Lakeport City 62,122,295 65,094,805 2,972,510 4.566
Longview City 6,088,510,713 6,966,282,983 877,772,270 12.600
Warren City 17,096,172 18,925,314 1,829,142 9.665
White Oak City 383,969,864 423,715,030 39,745,166 9.380
Kilgore Junior College 2,446,353,869 2,681,776,388 235,422,519 8.779
Gregg Co Emergency Serv Dist #1 596,724,906 633,142,055 36,417,149 5.752
Gregg Co Emergency Serv Dist #2 462,958,468 523,105,206 60,146,738 11.498
Gregg Co Emergency Serv Dist #3 909,508,105 1,032,235,926 122,727,821 11.890

“Minerals have gone up, mobile home values have gone up, everything,” Neely said. “What people are paying for raw land is going up.”

Marsha Womack, who bought her mobile home in 2020, said she was “really shocked” when she received a notice from the appraisal district this year that saw her home’s value increase from $32,770 in 2021 to $35,490.

Marsha Womack

Marsha Womack

“You always hear that mobile homes devalue,” she said. She had planned to protest it until she researched the issue and found that yes, the value of mobile homes can appreciate.

“Everything is going up, and I don’t think there’s a way to get around that,” Womack said. “Everything costs more.”

Schools received two separate estimates from the appraisal district because of a constitutional amendment that was part of Saturday’s election that will raise the state-required homestead exemption for school districts — or reduction in the value used to calculate school taxes — from $25,000 to $40,000.

Homestead exemptions may go to owner-occupied properties.

Estimated school district appraisal values with 25% homestead exemption

Jurisdiction 2021 certified values 2022 estimated values Difference % Change
Gladewater School 279,871,851 327,921,612 48,049,761 14.653
Kilgore School 1,173,774,160 1,270,897,305 97,123,145 7.642
Longview School 5,092,911,578 5,872,850,941 779,939,363 13.280
Pine Tree School 1,643,538,047 1,837,529,818 193,991,771 10.557
Sabine School 444,518,135 480,248,424 35,730,289 7.440
Spring Hill School 550,937,042 625,918,121 74,981,079 11.979
White Oak School 348,403,256 392,019,844 43,616,588 11.126

Estimated school district appraisal values*

Jurisdiction 2021 certified values 2022 estimated values Difference % Change
Gladewater School 279,871,851 316,485,235 36,613,384 11.569
Kilgore School 1,173,774,160 1,242,430,870 68,656,710 5.526
Longview School 5,092,911,578 5,734,554,697 641,643,119 11.189
Pine Tree School 1,643,538,047 1,769,435,209 125,897,162 7.115
Sabine School 444,518,135 460,417,033 15,898,898 3.453
Spring Hill School 550,937,042 597,353,480 46,416,438 7.770
White Oak School 348,403,256 372,474,466 24,071,210 6.463

This past week, Neely said she anticipated the measure will pass — and they did, overwhelmingly.

But she still had to provide the school district information about both possible scenarios. She said the amendment will mean Gregg County school districts will see a combined total loss in value of more than $314 million this year. The state’s funding formula should make up for the losses, according to earlier reports.

On Tuesday, Longview ISD resident Jean Brinkman went to the district’s administrative offices on Young Street to cast her ballot in the May election. Longview ISD was asking voters to approve four propositions to allow the district to borrow almost $230 million to make improvements to existing district facilities and build some new facilities. All four propositions failed.

Voters in the city of Longview also considered a $45.6 million bond election to stabilize the Longview Firefighters’ Relief and Retirement Fund. That measure passed .

Brinkman said the increased property values on her home were part of the reason she voted “no” against the bond proposals for Longview ISD and the city of Longview.

“I don’t think the school needs an indoor athletic facility,” she said, and she said she plans to contest the appraisal value she received.

Brinkman said she bought her house in 2020, and the appraisal notice she received in recent weeks saw her home’s value go up 10%.

Neely said her office’s phone has been ringing since appraisal notices started going out to property owners.

“We are hearing from a lot of folks,” she said, and people have been taking advantage of the ability to file a protest online at .

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