The trial date for a civil lawsuit brought by the owner of a women’s health center against former employees was moved up Wednesday from May 2020 to this coming November.

Dr. Yasser Zeid is suing seven mid-level health providers claiming the nurse practitioners and nurse midwives were recruiting his clients to Special Health Resources for Texas. Zeid also is suing Special Health Resources.

On Wednesday, 124th District Judge Alfonso Charles heard motions to move up the trial date and to greatly increase the bond intended to protect the employees while an injunction is in place that essentially bars them from practicing in the Longview region.

Charles had set that bond at $2,500, but the former employees are asking it be increased to as high as $701,000 based on their anticipated lost earnings.

Charles took that motion under advisement.

The practitioners have appealed the injunction barring them from practicing locally to the 12th Court of Appeals in Tyler. Meanwhile, hearings like the one Wednesday continue in the Longview court.

Zeid’s attorney, Greg Love, said he and his client “were really thrilled” by the new trial date.

“The quicker you get to trial, the faster you get justice if you’re the plaintiff,” he said, referring to Zeid’s role in the suit. “We firmly believe in our pleading and our position.”

Katherine Compton, representing the former employees, declined to comment on whether the earlier trial date is good for her clients. But she disputed that it was a win for Zeid.

“That’s not accurate,” she said.