HALLSVILLE — Hallsville ISD has announced its plans to reopen its campuses for the 2020-21 school year, with the first day of classes set for Aug. 13.

Officials released the plan Friday on the district’s website and posted a reminder that new student registration wraps up from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. today. All students needing to register after today must call their respective campuses and schedule an individual appointment.

“Despite the challenges with COVID-19, our district will continue to provide an excellent education to our students, which will include both in-person and remote learning environments,” the district posted.

Because the Texas Education Agency is still updating information to districts, officials said parents should remain flexible in their expectations, in case guidelines change with the ongoing pandemic.

Students participating in online-only instruction may not participate in University Interscholastic League/extracurricular activities unless the practices or contests can be conducted virtually, though Hallsville ISD Band Director Sherri Morgan clarified this week that rule does not apply to band, which is considered co-curricular.

The extracurricular part of band, which includes marching, contests and football games, is not permitted for online-only students.

All prekindergarten through 12th-grade students must wear masks or face shields while at school or on the bus, and students and teachers will follow social distancing guidelines while in the classroom. The district also will host hand-washing and sanitizing breaks for students throughout the day.

Online and in-person students will both use Google Classroom, and online students must check in for attendance daily.

Classrooms will be cleaned daily, and those that have multiple changes of students per day will be disinfected after each class.

If a positive COVID-19 case is confirmed, parents will be notified through Skyward or email, and the classroom of the confirmed student will be disinfected and deep-cleaned.

The district conducted an online survey of parents and guardians this summer to determine how many were interested in online instruction this fall and if they had the technology required for their student to participate.

As of July 16, 3,315 parents had responded, and 75% said they had a computer at home, while 57% said that computer must be shared with another member of the household.

The survey also showed 87% of respondents have internet access at home, but only 16% plan to use the online school learning option this fall, and 84% plan to send their children to school.

Students will be allowed to switch their learning models only at the end of a grading period.Should another school shutdown be mandated throughout the school year, all students will continue their learning online through Google Classroom. If a student becomes sick and must quarantine, they can continue their learning online via Google Classroom.

Honors, advanced placement and dual credit courses will be available in both online and in-person learning options while Career and Technology Education courses will require some face-to-face instruction.

Students choosing online instruction but needing a device will be loaned a Chromebook from the district.

For in-classroom students, parents must self-screen their students, including a temperature check, each day before school. Students must provide their own masks, which must be worn while in class and halls. Students needing a mask or face shield may contact their campus administrators.

Students violating the face mask requirement will first be given a verbal warning and a mask to wear. On the second verbal warning, the student must buy a mask from the district, and on the third violation, the student will be assigned online at-home learning for the remainder of the grading period.

Visitors not essential to school activity will not be allowed on campus.

Buses will be sanitized after each route, and social distancing guidelines will be followed on buses.

For a full list of back to school guidelines and protocols, visit the district’s website at hisd.com . .